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The Driver Who Ran Over Nicky Hayden is Charged with Reckless Driving Homicide

Nicky Hayden died

The Rimini Prosecutor’s Office has completed its investigation into the traffic accident that killed Nicky Hayden on 22 May. According to the conclusions drawn by Orlando Omicini, an expert with more than 20 years of experience in this type of accident, the driver of the Peugeot 206 cc that hit Nicky Hayden was running at 72.7 km / h at the time of the crash, surpassing in almost 50% the maximum speed of the track, limited to 50 km / h.

For this reason, the Rimini prosecutor understands that “the accident could have been completely avoided”, since “both could have reacted and stopped” in case the vehicle had respected the speed limits, establishing a 70% quilt for the driver of the car and 30% for Nicky Hayden for not respecting the stop sign that indicated the Kentucky rider to stop at the intersection.

Orlando Omicini has also determined that Nicky Hayden ignored the stop sign “without giving preference” to the vehicle that circulated in the main road, crossing it at a speed of 20.6 km / h. In any case, the conclusions provided by the Prosecutor’s Office state that “regardless of the culpable conduct of the cyclist, the driver caused his death by a negligence and recklessness, and is the result of not following the rules of circulation.”

Hayden accidet

For all these reasons, the Prosecutor’s Office in Rimini has decided to charge the 30-year-old driver with a traffic homicide. Now, the defense of the young man of Morciano di Romagna has a period of 30 days to be able to present his conclusions to the prosecutor; in this case, the expert hired by the defense is Alfonso Micucci, an engineer who also teaches at the University of Bologna.

Once delivered this report, the prosecutor will then decide whether or not to bring the driver of the vehicle to trial.