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Why is Ducati no Longer Talking About the Idea of Participating in the Moto3 Championship?

In April 2016, surfaced the first rumors that the Ducati Corse was involved in the development and construction of a Moto3 machine. The rumors were denied by Ciabatti a few days later, but time passed and the subject was not forgotten.

But for this project to go ahead, the Ducati later made clear that the partnership between the brand and Lorenzo had to succeed, regardless of whether the remaining riders were able to compete. At the moment, the subject of Moto3 is not being talked about, but it seems that there are 12.5 million reasons for this.

In October 2016, Gigi Dall’Igna commented that the Ducati was seriously thinking about the Moto3 class, but the Italian made it clear that Lorenzo was the priority and his adaptation to the GP17. It was only after this adaptation was successful that the Borgo Panigale factory could bet on Moto3. However, Dall’Igna said the lower class would be a big advantage for the Ducati, and not for the official MotoGP team.

But it seems, according to, the project is no longer taken into account. The fact is that there are serious problems between Lorenzo and the Ducati bike, something that nobody wants to admit, of course.