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Jorge Lorenzo in his First Ducati Interview – Very Difficult To Be Champion in 2017

One of the attractions of 2017 in the MotoGP World Championship is undoubtedly the passage of Jorge Lorenzo to Ducati, a challenge since there is only one rider who has been champion with the Ducati Desmosedici. In order to measure his sensations before this new season Jorge Lorenzo has been submitted to the questions of the journalists from the ‘El Larguero’ in a very particular stage, his museum ‘World Champions by 99’ in Andorra. This is the highlight of the interview.

About the Ducati Desmosedici GP17: The engine is spectacular, the best on the grid and surprisingly docile. There are weak points, mainly because it is more difficult to turn it in unlike Japanese motorcycles, you have to use more the rear brake to turn it with the gas, we need to make it turn more in the middle of the curve. The good thing is that it has a lot of grip behind, so it is a good bike in water, especially with respect to Yamaha. The bike has to improve in the corners, but in the meantime I have to adapt. I did not expect so many differences, with the Ducati you have to brake later.

To be champion with Ducati: It is clear that Ducati has signed me to take a step forward, but it is very complicated. Honda has improved a lot and Yamaha has improved a little already a very complete bike. Ducati comes from two victories in 2016 and right now I think we can fight for the victory in some circuits, but it will be very difficult to fight for the title at this moment. If we are not very lucky or change things a lot, it is difficult to imagine myself fighting for this World Cup. In addition Maverick Viñales comes very hungry and Marc Márquez has more experience.

Ending the ride with Yamaha: I thought I was going to be one of the few that was going to start and finish his MotoGP career with a single mark, it was romantic. But then came the offer of Ducati and began to see the positives and negatives of that and in the end could more the challenge of that change. I had a great offer from Yamaha to be still the most valued driver of the grid, but I lost a little the illusion, it became routine and this change gives me more motivation, to win with another bike and more Ducati with which it has only been able to win Casey Stoner.

About Valentino Rossi: I made the decision to sign with Ducati before the Qatar GP, so that Valentino renewing with Yamaha did not change my decision. In fact I think it was bad for him to renew so soon, since in his renovation was far from my conditions because that is how Yamaha could afford to have us both. In 2013 Rossi arrived with mush ears to Yamaha after two bad years with Ducati and little by little they have been improving. I have learned a lot from Rossi as I think he has learned from me.

His rivals: The favorite is clearly Marc Márquez, has more consistency than last year, but the problem is that Maverick Viñales is another Márquez but with another style, unfortunately for others. They have speed, they are great brakers and Sunday racing riders.

Quite clear in every way as you can see.