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Lorenzo’s Biggest Problem with The GP17

99 Jorge Lorenzo

The period of adaptation of Jorge Lorenzo to the Ducati has lived several stages. One of the great changes that had to face the Mallorcan rider is the use of the rear brake to stop the bike with more stability, and also sacrifice the pase in the middle of the curve in favor of a more aggressive braking and an acceleration later than usual.

“As I can not drive using my strong point, which is the curve, I have had to develop other ways to get the performance to the bike, which is to enter later and be very strong in braking. Being a more nervous engine , the opening of gas is more progressive. If I open as with the Yamaha, there is a lot of spinning and I’m going even slower. I have had to change my riding style a lot “, explains the five-time champion of the world.

Jorge Lorenzo recognizes that his riding “is not 100% natural” yet. “If I were a bit more competitive in the middle of the curve, I could squeeze more of my nature as a rider,” he admits.

That is when he let us see his big problem with the Ducati: the turn when the bike is at the maximum angle of inclination. He does not hide it: “One of the weaknesses we have, or the weakest point, is in the middle of the curve, at the maximum angle of inclination.The bike does not spin as much as that of its rivals.

“If the team, this winter, manages to improve that section [turning the bike at the maximum angle of inclination] I will have more options to win races and to fight for the title. especially in the Honda, but also the Yamaha in some circuits, we are there and, above all, I understand the bike more to get the most out of it.

In the middle of the season it was revealed that he also suffered certain difficulties with the first blow of the gas. MotoGP incorporates an electronic system called anti-jerk or anti-hit that, to avoid the jolt that causes that first opening of the accelerator, cuts power.

This was no problem during his time at Yamaha, but Jorge, a rider famous for his finesse, seems to have suffered more than expected with this part of electronics since taking the Ducati. The chassis nevertheless, everything indicates that he has adapted in the last months: “with traction we go well”.