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Marc Marquez Does it Again to Become the Youngest 4-Time MotoGP World Champion Ever

Marc Marquez is MotoGP World champion

I said he would, and yeah he did it again. Marc Marquez is the 2017 undisputed MotoGP World champion, again. The Honda Repsol Spaniard rider is the youngest rider in the history of MotoGP to win the world title 4 times.

He did it last Sunday in a dramatic season finale race at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia before a mammoth crowd of 110,000 MotoGP fans. It was a tight race pitting Marquez against his season’s closest rival, Andrea Dovizioso.

Marc Marquez’s victory comes after a dramatic season that saw Andrea Dovizioso coming dangerously close to taking the title but as I always maintained, Marquez was and still is, the better rider.

The champion finished third at Valencia but nevertheless took top honors after Dovizioso, his closest challenger for the title, crashed into the gravel towards the end of the race. Dovi’s crash sealed Marquez’s fate as the champ after a close-fought 2017 season.

Dovizioso’s Hopes Wiped by a Crash

Dovizioso was the only rider posing a challenge to Marquez’s quest for the title. His hope for the crown depended on winning the race and seeing Marquez cross the finishing line at 12th position, or worse. However, as fate would have it, Dovizioso’s hopes were wiped out when he crashed out of the race with six laps to go. It was not a good season ending for Dovi who had a mathematical chance of riding away with the crown.

Marquez came to the 18th and final race of the season in Valencia with a comfortable 21-point lead and took control of the proceedings with an early lead from pole position. The young Repsol Honda rider was however sensible enough to let Frenchman Johann Zarco take over the lead rather than risk it all.

Behind him was Honda teammate, Dani Pedrosa and the Ducati duo of Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso giving chase. It was however not a good day for Ducati as both Jorge and Dovizioso eventually crashed out of the race.

In my opinion, a miscalculation on the Ducati team’s strategy cost them the title. While attempting to chase down Marquez and Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo constantly held back Dovizioso, who had a better chance of winning the championship. Jorge later crashed out and to make things worse for the Ducati team, Dovizioso followed suit and ran off into the gravel soon after.

Marquez finally rode home third behind Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa and Frenchman Johann Zarco. At the third position, Marquez won the season’s title by 37 points as Dovizioso failed to complete the race.

The 2017 World Championship Top Five Riders

The 2017 MotoGP World Championship’s curtains came down after the 18th race in Valencia where Marc Marquez was crowned the winner of the season’s title. It was the young Spanish rider’s 4th MotoGP title and 6th overall World Championship victory, making him the youngest rider to achieve such a feat in MotoGP history. He completed the season with 298 points.  

Second in the Championship was Marquez’s closest rival, Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso. The Italian finished the season with 261 points. Movistar Yamaha’s Maverick Vinales finished third with 230 points. The MotoGP legend and nine times overall winner, Valentino Rossi, finished 5th with 208 points.  

Why Marquez is the Next MotoGP Legend

After an impressive 2017 season that saw him win races, lose some and crash out a couple of times, Marc Marquez is definitely the stuff MotoGP legends are made of. He has everything that Valentino Rossi had at the height of his success, and much more.

With age and more consistent performance on his side, Marquez has definitely taken over the MotoGP legend title from Valentino Rossi. At just 24 years, he is currently the youngest 4-time MotoGP World Championship winner, a feat that not even Rossi achieved.

He is an intelligent rider who calculates his moves with precision, as seen in the last two races. He deliberately held back rather than risk going for the first position at the risk of crashing and losing points. As I have always said, Marquez is only getting better with time. He has taken over the MotoGP universe and is here to stay as the champion.  

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