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Marquez Proves to Rossi Once Again That He’s The Better Rider

The Better Rider mark marquez

The Better Rider – When the question of who is the best rider of all times arises, the MotoGP universe becomes divided between the legendary nine-time overall winner Valentino Rossi and the younger best-paced 2017 title contender, Marc Marquez. Last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix held on Philips Island gave a perfect answer to this endless debate. It was a thrilling contest between the two seasoned riders, in which Marquez was the clear winner.

The Australian Grand Prix at a Glance

In one of the most exciting races of the 2017 season, Marc Marquez claimed his 6th victory of the season extending his lead on the championship table to 33 points in the Australian Grand Prix held on Philips Island. The Honda Repsol rider took full advantage of the misfortunes of his closest rival, Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso, to battle it out with the MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.

Speaking to reporters in a post-race interview, Andrea Dovizioso claimed that his potentially champion-defining chances in Australia were ruined by a lack of speed rather than the mishap he suffered at Turn1. He’d started from 11th but things took an early turn for the worse after running wide at Turn 1 on the second lap. He eventually finished 13th at Philips Island.

With only two races left, Marquez has a clear lead of 33 points ahead of Dovizioso and could even be crowned the 2017 champion after next week’s race in Malaysia. He’d started at pole position but it was the Australian Jack Miller who took the early lead in front of an excited home crowd.

With seven laps to go, Marquez took the lead and rode his way to his sixth victory of the season. The best performance of the day came from the MotoGP legend, Valentino Rossi who put in his best ride of the season to finish second behind Marquez. Maverick Vinales came third.

In his typical boisterous style, Rossi said in a post-race interview that he had to ride “stupid” to finish second. “The track was unbelievable and it was a great race,” he said. “The battle with Marquez and Vinales was great.”

The Better Rider Between Marquez and Rossi

Has Marquez taken over from Rossi as the next MotoGP legend? To answer this question, let’s be fair enough to Rossi and turn a blind eye to the current championship standings and consider previous performance. After all, 2017 has not been the kindest season for Rossi, given his poor performance and injuries.

But one thing we’ll admit, especially after last weekend’s race in Australia, is that The Doctor, as Rossi’s fans love to call him, is still the charismatic nine-time overall world champion with the advantage of experience and a fierce competitive appetite.

Time is not on The Doctor’s side

He is the people’s champion and a definition of riding talent, as he has proved over and over again in the past. However, at 38 years old, time is not on his side and he’s likely to find it hard to keep up with younger talented riders like Marc Marquez, Maverick Vinales, and Andrea Dovizioso.

He has even hinted in the recent past that Marc Marquez is the better rider. After the September 2017 Aragon Grand Prix in Spain, Valentino Rossi claimed it would be extremely difficult for anyone to deny Marc Marquez the 2017 MotoGP title. I take this as an admission of Marquez’s superior talent and riding skills from one of the most respected riders of all times.

It’s Time for the Young Natural Born Champion

Marc Marquez has everything on his side to dislodge Valentino Rossi from the MotoGP legend seat. The reigning champion already has one hand on this year’s title, which demonstrates his smart and consistent performance. At 24 years, he still has more years ahead to achieve even greater feats in the MotoGP than Rossi ever did.

He is an intelligent fearless rider who can only get better as he matures. If there is one thing Rossi fans should start learning to live with, it is the fact that Marquez has taken over and is in fact here to stay. He is definitely the better rider between the two, with plenty in store for the MotoGP world. If you don’t believe me, wait to see him crowned this year’s champion after the next race in Malaysia.

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  • What a useless post. There are zero facts to support the thesis that Marquez is better than Rossi. The only thing written, was a piece of interview released by Valentino, that absolutely don’t say that Marquez is better.
    I think, it’s very difficult to decide who is the better. We can confront the results till now, but it’s not fair.
    To me, Rossi is battling now against Marquez, but 46 is at the end of his career, not in the apex of his best years, for sure. But Rossi proves many times that he was faster than Marquez, many times beating him in races (Qatar 13, Misano 14, Qatar 15, Argentina 15, Assen 15, catalunya 16, and so on). And he still was at the end of his career. So I think Marquez is also very strong, and beat many times Valentino too. But he is in the best moment of his career, very young. So it’s impossibile to judge who is the best.
    To me, after what Marquez did to Valentino in 2015, he will never ever be considered as the king of motogp. Valentino won a lot, but also won with his style. People loves him, and will forever. Marquez could win more than Vr (difficult, but could be). But he will never be loved, and cheered, as the Maestro, the master, the king, the 115 winner (till now) Valentino Rossi.

  • “At 24 years, he still has more years ahead to achieve even greater feats in the MotoGP than Rossi ever did.”

    I guess we’ll only know for sure in 14-15 years time when MM is past his prime and 38 years old.
    Some valid points, clearly a Marquez fanatic. Before I jump the gun (by 14 years) and say who is the better rider, I’d rather compare apples with apples. Better yet, let’s compare new apples with new apples. VR is an old-timer compared to the new-born… What exactly are you trying to say?

  • I know this is old, but what a ridiculous article. This is journalism! Lol. Sounds like fan boyism to me. I guess you missed it when Rossi outscored Marc from mid 2014 thru the end of 15. Then had a higher Point per finish average in 16 . Lost by 48 pts with 4 DNF’s. Rossi has won far more battles and he had more wins after the same number of races as Marc has now. To say “Marc is far superior “ is not fair. Let’s see what Marc is doing at 38/39. We all know that when Rossi was 24 like Marc is he was unbeatable.