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Valentino Rossi – If Pedrosa Was Very Angry, Let Him Race Alone

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Alcañiz.- Valentino Rossi closed the Grand Prix of Aragon, an appointment where he did not plan to participate because of his injury, with a fifth place. He started third after an impressive qualifying session and was very aggressive during the first laps of the race, until fatigue and excessive degradation in the rear tire – the big problem for months – prevented him from fighting for the podium positions.

This is what Valentino Rossi said at his press conference:

The result: “I am very proud, very happy, because a week ago I did not know if I was going to be able to compete, we worked well, we made the right choice, I had a good start, in the first laps I was strong and I could fight for the victory with Lorenzo and Marquez, but in the second half of the race I knew I had to suffer. I was more tired than usual, and I felt some pain. In any case, it was a good fight. I honestly did not expect a top five.

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Your state of health: “23 laps is difficult on a physical level, even if you are very fit. In the last seven or eight laps I have suffered a little, but I tried not to give up because on the board and on the screens I have seen that I had four riders behind, so I said, “If I give up now, I’ll get the tenth.

The complaints of Dani Pedrosa, who had lamented the movements of the Italian in the back straight. “If you’re not happy, I think you have to ride alone, that’s what I think, because everybody did the same to me when I wanted to overtake them, especially on the last lap, but honestly, coming off Turn 14, you’re always going to the left. Maybe these guys think they own the circuit [laughs]. “

In Italian, after listening to a more in-depth explanation of the subject by the journalist Paolo Scalera, he qualified in a certain way: “If he was not very pissed off, I would withdraw it, if he was very angry, race alone.” Shortly afterward he recognized that when the Spaniard raised his hand after passing him -he was taking off one of the clears of his helmet-, he had thought that he was apologizing for passing him too close.

“I have two weeks that will be very important for my leg because I want to get to Motegi quite fit.” Of course, not to the maximum, but I think I can arrive in good condition. Racing is a big stress for my body, so I have to reach a good level. “