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Viñales Takes a Giant Step in Valencia Test

Maverck Valencia test

Cheste.- Maverick Viñales was reunited with the great sensations of the beginning of the season during the inaugural day of #ValenciaTest. And he did it with the same material as last Sunday’s race when he finished 12th.

The Spaniard was with much more grip on the tarmac of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, perhaps because there was no rubber of Moto3 and Moto2, and everything worked as in the Le Mans or Qatar Grand Prix. The sensations are found: it reassures him to know that he is still fast; it is “worse” because the result of the Grand Prix was bad even though its level is exactly the same.

This was how the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider analyzed the day:

Material used: “It’s the same bike as during the race, and from the first lap of the morning I felt great, and from now on, all the feeling came back, I really enjoyed today because, after the disaster of the weekend, I felt strong again, we have always ridden with the set-up of the race, in the end I made a time attack and I felt very good “.

A performance jump difficult to digest: “For me, as a rider, it’s worse, because I was at the same level on Sunday as today, the difference is a second and a half per lap, every lap, so it’s a mess in my head.

You have to focus on the bike and the set-up and keep working, now Yamaha will do the analysis and see what has changed from Sunday to today, I’m relieved to know that I’m still going fast, seeing me tighten gives me a lot of confidence and that’s very important mentally”.

Zarco, a problem because of his great performance ?: “If you look at the timetable, I do not think it’s a problem, for me, it is not, Zarco is at a great level, it has proven it, and it is a reference for us.

That means they have a level and our team can make the bike work a little better, it is clear that Zarco has been much more involved with 2016 and has it in hand, but has also made the time with 2017. There is no excuse, I am happy because with both 2017 and 2016 I have done a similar time “.

Giving the same material to the French from now on: “That falls on Yamaha but, as a rider, I can say that it is also important to have another bike and do more tests, you have more ways  to choose and, if one side of the team miss it, then it can be supported from the other side, it is always important, Zarco is at a high level and we can use him, it can reach the maximum, as we often have to test pieces, he can also do it and is at the level to understand if they work or not

The new aerodynamic fairing: “I liked it, we will confirm it again in Sepang and other training sessions, but it seems to work better than the previous one, especially when braking, it has helped me a lot. It has been one of my weak points during the year, so let’s see if we can improve there. “

Viñales rolls out a brand new Yamaha fairing

Now that's different! 😮Maverick Viñales debuts a radical new Yamaha aero package! #2018StartsNowGot any questions for our commentators today? Use #TechTalk in the comments below and we'll try to answer them for you!

Posted by MotoGP on Tuesday, November 14, 2017