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We Will See How Many, at Age 38, Are as Fast as Valentino Rossi ‘- Lorenzo

Has Valentino Rossi announced that he will retire if he does not win the title by the end of his contract, the one that runs out in 2018? He thinks is enough after over 20 years racing in MotoGP! but not enough to quit and retire any soon.

If there is someone who knows Valentino Rossi well it’s really Jorge Lorenzo, with whom he shared the box, for seven years. After Il Dottore praised the 99, assuming he was one of the hardest rivals to beat in his career, the Mallorcan returned the accolades:

“It’s not easy for Valentino because there’s no one of his age to compete in MotoGP. The second oldest is 32 and he is 38. When you reach that age, every year that passes you notice more than the previous one, something that he has admitted himself.

Lorenzo has no doubts that Italian is a phenomenon of motorcycling and once again highlights the speed of his former companion, quoted:

“We’ll see how many 38-year-olds can be as fast as he is. It’s not easy, especially given the fact that on the other side of the box is someone new like Maverick, who is very explosive and has a lot of strength.

We believe he will not be retiring any soon, not at least he hit the 40s!