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Two Former Employees of Valentino Rossi Claim More Than 100,000 Euros

Valentino Rossi home

A new headache for Valentino Rossi starting the year. If a few days ago the courts rejected the demand of several neighbors for the noise and dirt generated by his ranch, now it is the former caretakers of the house that the Italian rider has in Tavullia, who have sued him for a sum of 114,000 euros in concept of unpaid extra hours and compensation for dismissal.

Everything goes back to Christmas Eve 2016, when the Moldovan couple formed by Victor Untu and Jigan Zinaida, aged 62 and 60, were dismissed as caretakers of a house that Graziano Rossi and his son Valentino have in Tavullia.

A house with pool, nine bedrooms, large garage and 20,000 square meters of farm, was owned by the company Domus Mea, whose legal representative is Graziano Rossi. At the end of 2016, the company was dissolved and the house was put on sale, which led to the dismissal of the two caretakers who were responsible for its maintenance. After the dissolution of the company, and waiting for a new buyer, the house became property of Valentino himself.

Now, a year later, Victor Untu and Jigan Zinaida claim a sum of 114,000 euros for unpaid overtime (89,000 euros) plus another 25,000 euros as compensation for dismissal. The calculations have been made based on the salary that both had when they worked for Domus Mea: 2,600 euros for men and 1,600 euros for women.

Given that in 2011 the couple already received 10,000 euros as compensation for the extra hours not paid since 2006, the lawsuit focuses solely on the period from 2012 to December 2016.

According to the information published by Il Resto del Carlino, the couple’s lawyer, Mario Del Prete, wants to take Valentino Rossi before the judge “to confirm that in 2006 he told Mr. Untu to do all the necessary work for the good maintenance and preservation of the complex as if it were his house.

We ask the judge to jointly condemn the Rossi, father and son, to pay this debt to my clients, who were traumatically dismissed on December 24 and 27, 2016. “

For their part, Valentino Rossi’s lawyers deny that the Yamaha rider had spoken with the caretakers in 2006 to tell them what jobs they had to perform on the farm, and they claim to have several invoices from external companies for work done on the farm and in the pool during all these years that call into question the alleged overtime claimed by the couple, who only had to take care of the house according to the defense lawyers.

On January 12 a hearing will be held before Judge Maurizio Paganelli to try to resolve this dispute.