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Jorge Lorenzo – Many People Think it’s a Mental Click, and it’s not Like That

Jorge Lorenzo did not remember what it was like to savor a pole position in MotoGP since the 2016 Valencia Grand Prix, his last race with Yamaha. Today, a year and a half later, the Mallorcan pilot has once again led a Q2 of MotoGP, the first time he has managed it at the wheels of his Ducati, a success that comes only two weeks after his first victory with the Desmosedici in Mugello.

Although for Jorge Lorenzo it is very rewarding to have achieved this pole in Barcelona, the three-time MotoGP prefers to stay before with the good feelings he is having about his GP18: “I was looking for it with the Ducati [pole], last year in a circuit was quite close, but the truth is that more than the pole is the feeling I have with the bike, both in Mugello and here I can keep a constant pace for many laps and it would have been a shame not to make the best time with the second rubber, because the first one has deconcentrated me a bit because I did not have any grip on the left side, there has been some problem there, keeping the concentration to be calm and make a perfect lap with that second rubber has not been easy “.

Jorge Lorenzo does not hide his surprise at the classification that Marc Márquez has achieved today, second only 66 thousandths of the Spaniard after having been forced to go through Q1: “Marc has surprised me today because he was there and did not enter Q2, and maybe that has also helped him to have a little more feeling with the new tires, we have done it, but the important thing is tomorrow the race ”

The choice of tires will be key to Sunday, especially with the high temperatures expected in Montmeló. Today, for example, the track has exceeded 43 ° C, putting into commitment the duration of the tires at the time of completing the 24 laps of the race.

Jorge, who has focused on the free laps in accumulating soft rubber, regrets not having time to know better the rest of the compounds: “The problem is that we have not tried all, the soft has a little more grip in the breaking but we do not know how the average or the hard would work because we have not done many laps.

Anyway I think that with the soft as with the average or the hard we have a winning rhythm and that is the good thing, we are fast and constant, but you have to prove it in the race that is always difficult, we also come from the Moto2 race that normally leaves the asphalt a bit strange, but it looks good, we are very excited and convinced “.

Winning in Mugello has meant an important change in the performance that Jorge Lorenzo is showing with the Desmosedici. Some say that everything was in the head of #99, but he is clear that his step forward is not the result of chance: “Many people think it is a mental click, no doubt, if you had this same confidence with the current motorcycle that we have been gathering little by little, one piece a month, another piece the next month, and above all that famous deposit that has made me save a lot of energy, the results would have come much earlier, and that confidence that I have now would have had many months ago. ”

Jorge Lorenzo is, a priori, the favorite for tomorrow’s race. Not only to start from the pole: his pace with the soft rubber used in FP3 has been the best on the grid. “At the end [being a favorite] can come against you, and some pilot may surprise you, being too confident is not good.” Clearly favorite I do not see myself, I have the rhythm of the best, if not the best, but the others are pushing hard and the race after Moto2 everything can happen, “Jorge concludes.