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5 tips to Buy a Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmet

Speed is a pleasure that is enjoyed twice with the safety of a motorcycle helmet. Of all the accessories in the equipment of the biker, this piece of carbon/kevlar, fiberglass, and foam rubber occupies a privileged place. And is that buying a motorcycle helmet is one of the most important decisions in life for a rider, so do not take it lightly.

Issues such as the adaptability of the model, size, reputation of the manufacturer or the design are decisive to hit our choice and get the maximum protection on the road. Here are the top 5 Tips to Buy a Motorcycle Helmet:

Which motorcycle helmet model suits my needs?

In the market you will find endless helmet models, adapted to the specific needs of all riders. Do we have a scooter or an enduro motorcycle? Do we use it to get to work or take long motorway crossings? The answers to these questions will determine our choice.

Consequently, urban users will be satisfied with open and modular models, while road users should bet on the safety of integral helmets. For high competition, however, it is essential to have a motocross or off-road model to ensure optimal protection in extreme conditions.

What makes a really good motorcycle helmet design?

Motorcycle helmets are not different from love. The beauty of a design can push us to make a hasty choice, without considering those qualities or defects that are not appreciated by the naked eye. It is essential to meet criteria such as comfort, weight, proper ventilation, visibility, expiration of materials or safety.

In this sense, it will not matter how spectacular the design of an open hull is: any comprehensive model, however horrible, will outperform it in terms of road safety. However, we should not underestimate the aesthetics when buying a motorcycle helmet; in addition to being integrated in the identity of the driver, the colors of this accessory will increase or decrease their visibility on the road.

Good Motorcycle Helmet

What is the most recommended motorcycle helmet brand in the market?

This is the million dollar question, of course. While not all offer the same performance, brands like Scorpion Exo, Shark, HJC, LS2 or AGV have earned the trust of millions of users thanks to the excellence of all its models. But not all manufacturers are ‘clean wheat’.

The rise of Asian trade, for example, has flooded stocks with low-quality firms, which often do not even have European approval. In other words, not only increase the risk of injury but also fines

New motorcycle helmet … or second hand?

In spite of the bargains that abound on the internet, buying a used or used helmet is not the best option. The useful life of these complements is around 5 years; beyond this limit, your materials do not ensure our 100% protection.

On the other hand, we have an obligation to use approved helmets (provided with a distinctive E in the European Union), and only the professionals of a store of motorcycle helmets of confidence can guarantee us this homologation, unlike the classified ads portals.

Why size in a motorcycle helmet is important?

Did you know that 2 out of 10 motorists who suffer a serious accident lose their helmets? This anomaly does not happen because the model is inadequate or of poor quality: the rider has chosen his size poorly, that simply. In this sense the ideal helmet should slightly press the forehead and the cheekbones, but without hurting or generating discomfort.

We should not be alarmed if their cushions are too tight for the first few weeks, for they will soon acquire slackness and adapt to our head “like a glove.”

So, considering each of these issues carefully will help us buy a motorcycle helmet that meets our needs as a motorist without compromising our road safety.

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