Avoiding Target Fixation and Improve your motorcycle vision!

Avoiding Target Fixation

I’m sure you have observed this very recognizable situation during a race or maybe even experienced it by yourself. What situation? Well, it’s when a rider crashes or rides off the track, and the accompanying rider, maybe surprised by the sudden crash in front of him, goes right after the errant rider. This is a phenomenon called target fixation and can be a tremendous problem for riders on the racetrack or even on the street or road while traveling. Avoiding Target Fixation!

Target fixation is a reflex related to panic

When something unusual or dangerous suddenly occurs in our field of vision, our normal and natural instinct is to put our sight to that object and unconsciously go towards it. Not able to turn away and significantly consider an escape course, we have a tendency to go where our eyes are looking at, regularly straightforwardly into the object in question.

It could be a rider crashing, a rock  out and about, or an auto braking all of a sudden as you take after straightforwardly behind; you can think about how every situation plays out when target fixation snatches hold.

Obviously, the goal in any case ought to be to not get in a circumstance where target obsession even turns into an issue; however there are clearly circumstances out of your control that can’t be stayed away from. What is more prudent? Maintaining a strategic distance from target fixation involves controlling your vision before and as you manage an emergency and dealing with the frenzy that emerges. Avoiding Target Fixation

Your perspective and where you’re looking at is a crucial part to avoid panic completely as well as interacting with it, when it can happen. As always, keep eye up when riding with your eye-sight considerably far down the road. For the track, especially, you should have a steady blast of reference points to determine your exact position, while on the road your gaze should be constantly searching for potential hazards.

Dealing with panic is a matter of experiencing an idea for whatever situation arises and executing that plan in a calm manner. To work with the earlier samples: In case a rider were about to crash before you, the slipping cycle and rider have a straight-line trajectory off of the monitor typically, as well as your plan is always to keep in the small lines and continue; over a twisty road, you should involve some reserve so that should you happen across a patch of gravel suddenly, you can straighten and drive directly through the dust up; so when following cars closely on the road, your plan may be to remain to the edge of the lane to bypass the automobile if needed.

Executing your plan successfully is to focus on where you need to go rather than at the danger that would be in front of you. Avoiding Target Fixation. Scream at yourself “Don’t look at the car!”

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