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BMW 9cento Concept – New sport-tourer on the way?

BMW 9cento, a very interesting prototype. The BMW 9cento Concept is a prototype that shows that the design is not at odds with the practicality of a sport-tourer. Surely we are in the waiting room of a new sport-tourer that will have the twin-cylinder of the F 850 GS.

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is celebrated the longest, where we see objects of all kinds to compete for, as you can imagine, be worthy of being described as elegant. Once again, BMW is present and participates with a very spectacular motorbike called BMW 9cento (pronounced nove cento).

It is a prototype of what could be considered a sport-tourer of the future, but that gives us to think that it can be a prototype that precedes a possible street model to be presented soon. In this same scenario, we saw years ago the BMW Ninety prototype from which came the BMW R nineT or the Concept 101 from which became the BMW K 1600 B.

No official information, but the BMW 9cento concept mounts the new two-cylinder in-line engine of the BMW F 850 GS. The brand has not confirmed anything about it, but its claims and its emphasis on the virtues of the versatility of this model make us think that it could well be the prelude to a new bike in the catalog of the Bavarian brand and be a more accessible step that the BMW R 1200 RS and the all-powerful BMW S 1000 XR, the most similar in concept.

Edgar Heinrich, design director of BMW Motorrad: «Today, not everything is to be ‘more daring, bigger, brighter’: this motorcycle prototype aims to achieve a sense of balance. We have created a motorcycle that combines the right power with the reliable properties of a sports tour and, above all, a lot of fun, so it is a very attractive package.

Bring together the best of the Sport, Adventure, and Tour segments to offer an exciting concept in a class that lacked a BMW model of this type until now. The BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento is our interpretation of the modern and versatile motorcycle for a new mid-range segment.

BMW 9cento Concept

Some of the functions that are important to most riders, such as travel capacity, storage space, and wind/adverse weather protection, are not usually included in the design of a prototype. In this year’s prototype, we showed that all these rational aspects can be combined with a dynamic design to create something really exciting and very emotional ».

And the truth is that they have achieved a very compact motorcycle that seems very light and agile to the naked eye. In addition, it has components of clear sports side, with an inverted fork Öhlins (for the long distances) and Brembo brakes, as well as the general configuration of this BMW 9cento concept, with a large part of the volume on the front wheel and a short tail very sharp towards above.

BMW 9cento Concept

The fairing is perhaps the most futuristic part, with a fuel tank and a frame very blended and a hole under the seat. In addition, a paint with reflective chrome effect has been applied in the tank. They have also placed two side panels suspended in silver and used in the adventure sports segment.

Attention to details such as the aluminum parts (tank lid, rear luggage rack or footrest) or the grooved structure on the tank, of great quality. Despite the design exercise, it looks like a very wearable motorcycle, with a seat at a fairly low height.

The BMW 9cento Concept

The BMW 9cento Concept relies on a chassis covered with reinforced fiberglass plastic to benefit weight reduction as well as emphasizing the three-dimensional design.

In this BMW 9cento concept, we have also wanted to show a practical bike, with an innovative storage concept. It is a suitcase with a luggage carrier attachment from above if necessary with a powerful electromagnet that holds it securely to the lower section of the luggage rack.

It also extends the surface of the passenger seat. In this way, you can have an agile motorcycle and very pleasant to drive, but with suitcases, it becomes a first-class tourer.

In the design also surprised the stylized figure, with interesting reminiscences of BMW motorcycles that we all know. It should be noted the front light with a very modern design with two symmetrical lamps with a daytime driving LED each in the lower section. The taillights are two integrated LEDs under the C-shaped seat facing each other.

Will we see the street model of the BMW 9cento Concept soon? Hopefully!