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Brake Free Puts the Bike Brake Light on Your Head

Brake Free

Brake Free – The crowdfunding world is full of ideas to improve your motorcycle experience, but then there are few that come. Hopefully one of them is Brake Free, an extra LED brake light that is applied to the back of the helmet in order to signal better when we reduce the speed on our motorcycle. You can already give your support in Indiegogo, where they have already raised more than 20,000 of the $ 50,000 that they look for to start the production.

The price of Brake Free under normal conditions is going to be $ 99.

Arrow Electronics is the one behind this device, which is applied to the helmet by magnets and thanks to the sensors it equips is able to discriminate between three types of slowing down: braking by applying the front or rear brake, through the brake Engine in a more gradual or emergency manner. In each case the brake light is actuated in a different way, so that the rest of the drivers know what to stick to. Cables are not required for operation, not even an external device.

The light consists of 100 small LED lights, hence the versatility of its use. It works through electricity and in conventional use it has 8 hours of autonomy. To recharge the Brake Free, this comes with a micro USB port that allows a recharge of the accessory in two hours.

Brake free

Its creators seem to have thought of everything, since it comes with a battery charge indicator with flashes (3 flashes = 75-100% of the battery, 2 flashes = 30-60% of the battery and a flash less than 30% Of the battery), possibility of activating emergency lights when pressing a single button and also is water resistant. Finally a weight of only 170 grams round a promising set.

Would you wear it on your helmet?

Brake Free is an ultra bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves a motorcycle’s visibility. It mounts on the back of the helmet you already own and its sensors work automatically to let others know whenever you slow down–braking, engine braking, or downshifting. No need for a wired installation or connected apps. Brake Free is simply a smarter way to be seen.