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How to Best Ride on a Motorcycle Group

How to Ride Motorcycle Group

How to Ride Motorcycle Group – Riding on a bunch of bikes has nothing  to do with the riding alone. You must take into account different factors that will condition your driving, for your comfort and safety take a look at these tips.

Motorcycles are often a social hobby, there are those who prefer to enjoy their motorcycle alone, but there are many who prefer to share this passion as a group, enjoying their friends and that special camaraderie that exists between motorists.

But what we must not forget is that to ride in a group of motorcycles has nothing to do with riding alone when we go relaxed and at our own pace. In a group we have responsibilities so that all members enjoy equally, we all have a good time and there are no problems of communication or security.

Whether it’s a quick weekend outing or a long bike ride, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind. With them nothing can fail!

In a group there are different types of motorbikes

How to Ride Motorcycle Group – The market offers a thousand types of motorcycles, many of them very different from each other. There are motorbikes made to travel and motorcycles made to enjoy a fast road of curves. A great GT is not as agile as a naked or a sport is just as comfortable as a GT. That is why we must shape the conduct of everyone depending on the route so that no member of the group feels uncomfortable.

Within a group we can have motorcycles of very different sizes and powers, the performance of one and the other can be very different. In order to solve these differences, we recommend two things: either adjusting the rhythm of the group equally for all or scheduling in advance that some agree stops where you can reunite the group. For long trips you have to keep in mind that the fatigue can be very different for each other.

How to Ride Motorcycle Group – A good comunication

How to Ride Motorcycle Group – Communicating in a group of motorcycles today can be much simpler than in the past. The motorcycle intercoms have evolved in such a way that they allow us an easy and fluid communication between all the members of the group while we ride, being the pilots or passengers, something unthinkable several years ago. This is really practical and more than advisable if we face long journeys by motorcycle.

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If the technology has not yet come to your life we ​​will resort to the most effective communication system in the world, regardless of languages: gestures.

Before beginning the route establishes a series of gestures agreed and easily understood by all to communicate among you. Along a route, there may be stops, need for refueling, emergencies or regrouping. With simple gestures the communication can be simple among all the members of the group.

If the group is broken or its members are distant, we will have to wait at each crossing until we see that those who follow us see where the route continues.

Without showing off anything

How to Ride Motorcycle Group – The goal is to enjoy the bikes among a group of friends, here is not to prove who is the coolest or which bike is the most cool. Remember that the road is for everyone and everyone wants to have fun, leave the competitions for the circuit and think about the safety of others, and your own.

If there are overtaking, both to other vehicles and within the group, indicate in advance your maneuver so that the other member of the group knows that you are going to pass by their side. And NEVER, NEVER, overtaking another bike by its right, as well as illegal is extremely dangerous because nobody is expected to be advanced by that side. It can be a stupid accident situation. When overtaking do it on the left and respecting the rules of circulation.

The importance of placement

How to Ride Motorcycle Group – When you go alone usually does not matter where you ride on the road, but everything changes when you ride on a group of bikes. To begin with, the most expert rider or the one who knows the route best must circulate in the head and act as a guide.

We also recommend that another experienced rider who knows the route place himself or herself in the last position of the group. If you stay off the hook when you overtake other vehicles you will have the ability to easily reach the group or to guide following the correct route to other stragglers.

The different members of the group never have to be located just behind the bike that precedes it, in case of an unexpected braking the collision by reach would be almost inevitable. We recommend leaving a good safety distance, according to the speed, and place on the road in a series of distinct stages; not continuously, round behind and to one side of the motorcycle that precedes you, and the one following you must do the same. That is to say, zig-zag: if the first circulates on the left side of the road the second has to do it by the right, the third by the left, the fourth by the right, and so on.

motorcycle formation

If in a zone of curves the group is divided or distance is necessary to take advantage of the lines to regroup. When riding  in a group of motorcycles you must avoid being too close to each other, safety comes first and a foolish fool not only can endanger a motorcycle, but all the components of the group.

Make gasoline the same for everyone

How to Ride Motorcycle Group – As we said, in a group can join very different bikes, and a small naked will not have a tank of the same capacity as a maxitrail or a GT motorcycle.

When you stop to refuel it is best to put gas all at once and always depending on the bike that has the smallest autonomy. When that bike needs to fill the tank is we recommend that the rest of the motorcycles also do so will avoid new stops a few kilometers when other motorcycles also run out of gas.

All this is important, but do not forget the most important of all … Enjoy! The comments and anecdotes between you in the stops will have no price.