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KTM RC16 Street Legal – This Could be the Austrian MotoGP Production Bike

KTM RC16 Street Legal

KTM RC16 Street Legal – Since KTM ceased production of the RC8 in late 2015, the Austrian brand has no model within the competitive superbike segment. While factories such as Kawasaki, Ducati, Yamaha, Aprilia or Suzuki continue to bet heavily on this segment, the orange brand has completely abandoned it to focus on what the market is demanding now: naked and more logical bikes that keep that spirit ‘Ready to Race‘ that has always characterized KTM.

However, the recent landing of KTM in MotoGP has encouraged the Mattighofen brand to develop a production version of RC16 driven by Bradley Smith and Pol Espargaró, a project led by Wolfgang Felber, creator, and father of the now defunct RC8.

The few details that up to now has revealed KTM about its expected street RC16 are its price – between 100,000 and 120,000 euros -, and its power, about 240 hp. That is, we are talking about a replica of a MotoGP significantly cheaper – and powerful – than the 185,000 euros Honda RC213V-S with its 215 hp.

KTM RC16 Street Legal

What is not yet clear is whether KTM will try to homologate this production RC16 for use on the road. A few months ago, Stefan Pierer – general manager of KTM – said that the intention of the brand is to create “an exclusive motorcycle for speed circuits at a price much lower than what Honda offers,” citing the production in a “100 Units “for the entire planet (Honda will manufacture about 1,500).

While KTM continues to secretly develop its RC16 for its customers, designer Kardesign has already created its first renders using the MotoGP version as the basis. As you can see in the photos, this concept uses the same tubular chassis and the rear tilting of the motorcycle racing, adding a fork and more conventional brakes – a Superduke R 1290, and a pair of homologated exhaust developed by Akrapovic.

The truth is that if KTM stays true to the design of its RC16 of competition, the final version of production should not be very different from the designs created by Kardesign. The solution will be known at the EICMA in Milan, in November, where KTM plans to present its street RC16.