Project Highway Fighter – Back From the Future

Baptized the Highway Fighter, Cherry’s Company’s bike is disconcerting because while some of its lines are reminiscent of the BMW R7 of 1934, others also try to get closer. Its creator has tried to guess how some BMW may be in a decade, even when they are already powered by electric motors.

Kurosu has claimed that the tank, the front, the vanes and keels form a harmonious and three-dimensional body at the same time, which has even led to the optical groups are perfectly camouflaged behind the various parts of the body while the bike is stationary. The CCI brand lenticular wheels, of course decorated in black also contribute to the set show a really solid print.

The multi-adjustable fork comes from an S 1000 RR, but has been devoid of one of its springs to lower the front of the bike, to compensate for the greater height of the front wheel of 18 “.

The stirrups placed further back and the semi-handlebars below the top plate of the steering contribute to this Highway Fighter, if possible, even more radical. The head covers have been cast with sand molds and the exhaust system with very short exit on the left side does not interfere with the originality of the design of this Motorway Warrior.