Arrived The Exclusive Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S by Ortolani Customs

Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S

Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S – Ducati is recognized in the world for its different types of motorcycles. The Italians have developed over the years numerous models that have transformed history the world of motorcycling. In its stock possess so much variety that we find motorcycles as much of competition, as classic, of the day to day and until special editions that are simply of collection. The fame of the Italian firm has reached the world competitions, and of course, they have also been noticed, imposing records, winning competitions and seizing of championships. It is almost impossible for any lover of motorcycling not to catch the eye of a Ducati. It is, so to speak, that toy that we would all like to have in our garage.

With regard to the exclusivity of the brand, today we will know a model that by itself is simply spectacular. This is the motorcycle Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S, but this time, finely retouched under the surgical hand of “Ortolani Customs”, a French workshop specializing in the customization of motorcycles. The Polished Panigale 1199 S by Ortolani Customs can be said to have two touches, on the one hand, that touch of “Cafe Racer” with its shape and colors, for example, the gold that accompanies certain parts as part of its engine, its closed handlebars without front dome, and its characteristic tail, pointed style, similar to the tail of a wasp.

Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S – Aesthetic details

The second touch that can be seen in the Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S is inclined to the “Racing” style, and we take as an example some important technological elements, such as the suspensions of the renowned Öhlins, as well as its brake system, composed of parts Of the famous Brembo brand. All the details and finishes on this preciousness of motorcycle were designed and executed under the most rigorous studies. Ortolani Customs used aluminum as a base to mold every piece of the body of this Ducati.

Other details of interest are observed in its fuel tank, which stands out with its shiny finish. In the tank we find the airbox, the petrol pump, all its advanced electronic, details hidden in a way of a discreet way in its interior. It highlights and much like its back, with that pointy finish, which alludes to the sting of a wasp. In the tail we notice its brake light or stop in a circular, and of course, its seat, which gives the impression of being part of that peculiar sting.

Technical enhancements

When talking about the transformation of the Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S it is logical to think that it also received some “magic touches” to extract a little more potential from its drive its engine. From Ortalini Customs looked at certain technical details to extract a little more to the powerful engine that, before undergoing some improvements, already was able to develop a powerful 195 horses of power. After going through the mechanical treatment, the Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S by Ortolani Customs will now develop about 210 horsepower, a substantive improvement of 15 more horses.

A motorcycle as powerful as the Ducati Polished Panigale 1199 S must have a very efficient braking system, which is why Ortolani Suntoms chose Brembo for the installation of its parts; This model has discs of 330 millimeters, supported by pliers of four pistons. This gives you confidence and confidence to potential buyers, and is an additional ingredient that will eventually increase your sales.

Finally, it was mentioned that they choose for the suspensions the Öhlins brand. The swingarm and the forged wheels or rims are from the Italian brand OZ Racing. Michelin is supplying its slick tires.

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