Auto Fabrica Type 11 – New Project Yard Built

Auto Fabrica is one of the best custom manufacturers in the United Kingdom and is responsible for giving life to the Type 11, a new Yard Built project based on a Yamaha XSR900.

Auto Fabrica was contacted by Yamaha to develop a unique motorcycle based on the Yamaha XSR900 within the Yard Built projects. Bujar and Gaz Muharremi, co-founders of Auto Fabrica, have a very particular line of work since they give motorcycles that make a very avant-garde design with a classic style.

They two, along with their friend and designer Toby Mellor have developed a motorcycle that has become three unique creations.

The first prototype was designed and designed for competition, with special care of even the smallest detail, and making the most of the power. It features custom Öhlins suspension, Brembo calipers, PFM discs and BST carbon wheels, which provide incredible driving.

The entire body has been manufactured by combining elements of 3D printed carbon nylon with CAD, with elements of carbon fiber formed by hand and Zirotek coatings, which were carefully selected and specially designed to fit perfectly with the aluminum body of the motorcycle

This radical concept of the XSR900 is completed by the fast-filling sports tank, its 3-in-3 curved hand-craft escapement or a contrasting seat.

Before achieving the final design, the so-called prototype three was developed, in which they sought to bring the concept of the first prototype to the road, although this time, they changed the bike that would be the base.

They opted for a Yamaha XS750, which has a style of the 70s that fits with the idea of Auto Fabrica to mix modern design with the most classic lines. In order to ‘modernize’ this model, Brembo brake calipers or a Motogadget odometer were incorporated that mixed with the forms created through traditional sheet metal and hand-modeling techniques. Its curved exhaust is an unmistakable stamp of Auto Fabrica.

After creating these two prototypes, the definitive direction to follow was decided. The prototype two of the “Type 11” finally combined all the elements of the first two designs to create the ultimate bike.

He took advantage of the performance benefits of the two prototypes and focused on highlighting his aesthetics. The round headlamp, the stylized tank with conventional refueling, the seats with topped seams, the road tires or the metallic silver finish match this final prototype to obtain a unique creation.

Auto Fabrica Type 11 Motorcycle