Yamaha XSR700 Yard Built “Otokomae”, by Ad Hoc Coffee Racers

Ad Hoc Café Racers from Barcelona has presented the “Otokomae”, an official preparation Yard Built with the base of the Yamaha XSR700. Discover it! How we like the official Yamaha Yard Built customizations! Now a new member of this select family arrives and is also a Spanish motorcycle signed by Ad Hoc Café Racers.

In this case, a Yamaha XSR700 has been built to turn it into an urban model with tracker inspiration. Its creator, David Gonzalez, had already proven its worth over other Yamaha like the XJ650 and XJ750. In this case, the so-called Yamaha XSR700 Yard Built is named “Otokomae” and reflects a custom stylized image with eye-catching colors that will undoubtedly make it stand out over the rest.

Yamaha Europe Marketing Coordinator Cristian Barelli acknowledges that he “loves the radical style David has come up with. The “street tracker” design is great for the XSR700 and the lacquering is completely exclusive. It also respected the basic rule of not cutting or welding the original chassis, which shows that the XSR can be transformed to stand out without major reforms. The personalized details have an impeccable bill and do not damage the riding ability of the XSR700 or its fun riding.

The Ad Hoc XSR700 features other Yamaha parts on the front, such as the MT-09’s seat and handlebar, the fork of the YZF-R6, the disc brakes, the brake pump and the clutch of the R6 and the headlight and the support of the MT-01. The Borrani tires with Michelin tires give it an interesting personality while the original tank stands out for the personalized cover with four modules. The radiator has been lacquered in black combining with the engine block while a sports air filter has been installed which releases the central section of the motorcycle from space.

The exhaust is completely new signed by SC Project. The height has been raised 15 mm with a new Gears Racing damping and a new screwed subchassis that allows access to the tools and the battery. A new high-quality leather seat has been installed in this “Otokomae” while the turn signals are integrated into the fork. The blue and yellow colors are part of the traditional tones of the Yamaha racing department, but now with a modern and unmistakable design.

Photo Gallery Yamaha XSR700 Yard Built “Otokomae” by Ad Hoc Coffee Racers