Yamaha XSR900 Alter – By Dab Motors

Yamaha XSR900 Alter

Yamaha XSR900 Alter – The Yamaha XSR900 Alter surprises with its design and manufacturing techniques. Dab Motors surprises with a Yamaha XSR900 called Alter and stands out not only for its design techniques but for its manufacturing methods or materials used as flax fiber.

How we like the projects of Yamaha Yard Built! The series of preparations for the Japanese brand based on its neo-classical range has a new member. It is a Yamaha XSR900 prepared by Dab Motors, a company based in Biarritz (France), very close to the border with Spain.

Alter, that’s what this Yamaha XSR900 is called for, stands out for an innovative design technique and cutting-edge craftsmanship with a futuristic result. It combines a modern design with a certain retro essence. The lightweight chassis and three-cylinder engine of the XSR were a good base on which to work with your own creativity. They used 3D models and advanced rendering techniques and designed a customized motorcycle in an almost completely digital world. From all these modeling techniques in a virtual space, he put his robots to work to make it.

Yamaha XSR900 Alter

To give life to the Yamaha XSR900 Alter, they produced a subframe, a triple stem, raised brackets and a high-quality, durable 3D aluminum headlight holder created together with Polyshape. One of the most striking materials is flax fiber, very light and sustainable and recently released from the Bcomp ampliTex laboratory. The lights are also interesting, with an intelligent LED array controlled by an Arduino microcontroller, as well as a Bluetooth system for a keyless start. The IXIL SX1 exhaust is handcrafted, made together with a trusted partner, as well as the handlebars, the grips, the brake fluid reservoir and the mirrors, which are special Rizoma. For the suspensions, we have opted for an Öhlins set (STX 46 shock absorber and Nix 30 fork) and the brakes have Brembo calipers and pumps, which promises an exquisitely sporty behavior in this aspect. Other details that we can highlight are the Gilles Tooling delayed footrest kit, the chain guard, Armalith single seat, DNA air filters, Rotobox RBX2 carbon fiber tires and Michelin Road 5 tires.

Antoine Clémot, product manager for Yamaha Motor Europe: “I think Yard Built is often seen as the place where we venerate the past, and perhaps rightly so. Yamaha has a legacy full of emblematic designs and from which many techniques can be extracted. But we also use it as a laboratory. There is room to innovate, to play with minimalist aesthetics and new ideas. Therefore, to see a design like this is something incredible. Dab Motors is adopting technology that is light years away from many other manufacturers, which is exciting and we are proud to be part of it. The design is incredible, the bike looks like something out of a science fiction movie. However, the processes that have intervened in its manufacture, is what has left me with an open mouth.

Simon Dabadie, founder of Dab Motors: “In a world where technology prevails, we must not remain anchored to the past with old ways of working. We must explore all possibilities using new technologies and be inspired by them. We want to stimulate people’s curiosity by using new types of materials, being critical and testing every idea we have. It’s about not setting limits and opening your mind to potentially revolutionary ways of doing things. 3D design, virtual engineering, 3D simulation, and rendering; These are all the fields that we explore and in which we have obtained incredible results. With a view to the future, we can focus on the creation of optimized motorcycles. This will change the way you create and customize a motorcycle. Now we have unlimited means of creation that would not be possible with traditional processes.