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Two Decades of The Mythical Suzuki Hayabusa (SAYS GOODBYE)

After two decades among us, the mythical Suzuki Hayabusa says goodbye forever. There are times when it is better to remember things at their best. Something similar happens with cars and motorcycles. It is better to have known a legendary sports car like the Mitsubishi Eclipse than to see its commercial name languish in a compact crossover.

The bad news we bring to you today is the loss of a sports motorcycle myth: the Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle has ceased to be manufactured and sold worldwide. It was the first production motorcycle to overcome the 300 km / h barrier, setting fire to a dangerous climbing of the top speed in the world of two wheels.

Hayabusa means hawk in Japanese, and it was a motorcycle launched in response to the Honda CBR 1100 XX motorbike, which in 1996 managed to exceed 287 km / h. Suzuki wanted to annihilate his competition and embarked on the development of the most powerful motorcycle in history.

The Suzuki GSX1300R “Hayabusa” mounted a four-cylinder engine and 1,298 cubic centimeters, capable of developing 173 hp. It was a large motorcycle, equipped with a fairing designed with maximum aerodynamic efficiency in mind. A fairing that gave an image almost taken from a manga comic, a very characteristic and recognizable design.

It was the first production motorcycle to exceed 300 km / h as standard. He could well have started a real power war in the segment.

Suzuki Hayabusa

In 1999, the Hayabusa bike announced with hype and saucer its top speed: 314 km / h. An announcement that was a real revulsion in the motorcycle world, which gave the Hayabusa instant popularity. The bad tongues tell that the motorcycle frame and its power unit were able to safely reach 350 km / h. However, the “party” lasted very little time.

In 2000, Japanese motorcycle manufacturers signed a gentlemen’s agreement in which they voluntarily limited the maximum speed of their motorcycles to 299 km / h, ending the war for the highest point.

A war in which the victory was of the Hayabusa, after all. In 2008 the Suzuki Hayabusa received a full facelift and its engine went on to develop even more power (197 hp) thanks to an increase in its displacement, up to 1,340 cubic centimeters. However, its maximum speed remained limited to 296 km / h, although it would reach 325 km / h without an electronic limiter.

It was not until 2013 when the motorcycle received a braking train with ABS. The legend of the Suzuki Hayabusa was founded at the dawn of the mass internet, thanks to characters such as the “Ghost Rider”.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Will the Hayabusa return in the future? Suzuki motorcycle has recently rescued the Katana from the eighties, so he wouldn’t rule it out.