Best Motorcycle Boots – Buyer Guide & Reviews 2020

Best Motorcycle Boots

The Best Motorcycle Boots are a fundamental component in the equipment of the biker for several reasons that we will discuss below, before buying the best motorcycle boots it is convenient to know what the market offers in this segment, and that suits us depending on the motorbike we have, the riding style, of temporality, etc.

In this guide and comparison of motorcycles boots, we have focused mainly on all boot models, although some of them have the advantage of adapting mostly to almost all types of motorcycles and riding.

In addition, in order to offer you the best motorcycle boots of the best brands, we have selected only high and medium models from the catalog of motorcycle boots in Amazon, reserving a specific equipment for each type of motorcycle boot: road, of motocross, custom, for women, etc. In the end, as we always do, we have also gathered some interesting models of cheap motorcycle boots.

Table of contents

  1. Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Boots in 2020
  2. Comparison of Best Motorcycle Boots
  3. The Best Motorcycle Boots of 2020
  4. The best motorcycle boots brands
  5. Best Road Motorbike Boots
  6. Best Motocross Boots
  7. Best Motorcycle Boots for Custom Rides
  8. Best Urban Motorcycle Boots
  9. The Best Motorcycle Boots for Women
  10. Best Motorcycle Boots for Rain
  11. What Motorcycle Boot Number to Buy
  12. Best Motorcycle Boots: Inside or Out?
  13. Buying Cheap Motorcycle Boots
  14. BestSelling Motorcycle Boots for 2020

Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Boots in 2020

When you enter a store or a web page to buy the best motorcycle boots for the first time, you may feel a little confused when you notice a large number of different models that exist, and not always conveniently sorted by category.

Obviously, there are factors that must determine the type of motorcycle boots you may choose; fundamentally, there is the type of motorcycle, the type of tarmac you are going to ride on (track, road, off-road, etc.), the riding style and the time of year. Playing with these four factors, you will find three large groups of motorcycle boots:

  • Sports motorcycle boots. As its name suggests, these are boots manufactured to be used in motorcycle racing and extream motorcycle sports. The Moto GP riders wear these boots and also those who also make the most extreme use of the bike, whether on tracks and circuits or on the road. In this type of boots, which are usually long-legged in almost all cases, with some exceptions, the safety elements prevail over any other factor; that is why these boots are designed to be used 100% on the bike, and that is why they are a bit uncomfortable to walk when you get off your motorcycle. In this segment would also be the cross or motocross boots.
  • Touring motorcycle boots. They are the most common, adapting to almost any type of motorcycle and riding style, although they are mainly aimed at the segment sports tourism or naked touring. There is a perfect balance between the use of basic safety elements, thermal components and waterproof as well as more flexible soles that ensure the comfort of the rider, even off the motorcycle.
  • Urban motorcycle boots. Finally, this type of boots is half for conventional use, and have for motorcycle use. Unlike the first option, which was designed for the use of a motorcycle, they must have materials more resistant to friction or abrasion. However, these are boots in which comfort and aesthetics prevail above all. For use in the city or short routes on protected motorbikes such as mega scooters, always with the option of walking with them, they are the best option.

With this in consideration, you are now in a position to fully dive into our guide and know the best motorcycle boots models, the best motorcycle boots brands, the most interesting motorcycle boots for each modality, etc.

Comparison of best Motorcycle Boots

Taking into account the above aspects, before letting you know which are the best motorcycle boots for 2018, we are going to show you a comparative table of motorcycle boots, where you will appreciate at a glance the differences between different boot models.

In this comparison of motorcycle boots, we have included those considered the best motorcycle boots of 2020

The Best Motorcycle Boots of 2020

Having said that, we will analyze what we believe are the best boots for motorcycles on the market, focusing on our selection in the strongest segment models, motorcycle touring or sport/tourism boots.

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex

The best in touring motorcycle boots are these Alpinestars Toucans Gore-Tex, from one of the most outstanding brands in the segment: Alpinestars. In our opinion, they have everything (aesthetics, functionality, security, etc.), although they would really be perfect if they cost half the price.

They are not expensive, in any case, if we analyze them in relation to their characteristics, and in addition, we compare them with other models of the competition. The Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex is made of treated leather to be totally water-resistant and breathable. They have protection elements on the shins, on the ankles, and in the gear changing area, as well as ventilation areas on the sides.

As you can see, it has two automatic safety locks on the lower and middle parts, which are reinforced with a velcro adjustment on the upper part.

The ergonomics of the boot is exceptional, resulting from the implementation of major investments in modernization and brand research. The result is a very comfortable boot in the riding position of any motorcycle, which thanks to its flexible sole and manufacturing materials, is equally comfortable to walk with.

TCX Moto-S Sporter Waterproof

These boots feature an aesthetic touring combined with extra protection elements, typical of sports motorcycle boots. They can be worth, therefore, for both practices and types of motorcycles.

With its zipper closure and its reinforcements on the top with velcro, inserting and fitting the boot become very comfortable and safe. It has safety reinforcements in the shins with ventilation elements, in the heel, in the zone of change, and in the sides of the boot susceptible. These reinforcements, as you can see, are anchored with screws thinking about their possible replacement when the time comes.

They are made of leather of the highest quality and have a waterproof treatment.

Unlike the best sports motorcycle boots, they are much less rigid and more ventilated than most, and have a flexible sole that is more than bearable in small journeys on foot.

BMW Motorrad Sport Dry

In a line very similar to the TCX, these BMW Motorrad are a perfect combination of safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal boot for BMW bikers fans who have tourism or a naked motorcycle.

Why have we looked at these boots? Apart from the tangible security in all its protectors, to the view but perfectly integrated in the aesthetics of the boot (the lateral and heel reinforcements are interchangeable), it is a footwear made of high quality cowhide, waterproofed with membrane Gore-Tex for water, and designed for the absolute air tightness thinking of high speed conductions.

Apart from the inner reinforcement of the toe cap and the heel cushioning elements, these boots feature a high-strength safety device exclusive to BMW on the back, designed to protect the tendon. In addition, they have an adjustable and breathable cuff.

To put them on and take them off, like the TCX, you just have to take off the side velcro and lower the zipper.

The best motorcycle boots brands

We always prefer to ask ourselves which is the best motorcycle boot for my interests, then to reflect up to a positive certainty about which is the best motorcycle boots brand. The reason is clear: a good boot can be manufactured by almost any of the major brands, although it is true that there are usually not many surprises in this regard; and the other way around, a good brand can also be wrong, although it also has to be said that it rarely happens.

By this we mean that to be interested in the models of the best brands makes sense considering that these, if they have fame, is because they apply quality standards proportional to all their products, but above knowing which best motorcycle boots brand is better, the main thing is that you know which motorcycle boot is best for your needs.

Buying Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots

If you are a regular buyer of motorcycle accessories and protective gear, you will know that Alpinestars is not only the reference brand in motorcycle boots but also in windbreakers, gloves, leather suits, pants, etc. They are the best because they devote a large part of their investment in researching new designs and materials for their garments, in order to make the task a little easier for the rider.

Proof of this is that few of the motorcycle greatest champions do not keep Alpinestars products in their cabinets.

It is also the brand, together with Dainese, with greater and better production of the best motorcycle boots models. As you can see in the following product gallery, they have models of all categories, for all types of motorcycles and riding modes:

Buying Dainese Motorcycle Boots

The Italian Dainese is also high-end and has a very wide and varied range of the best motorcycle boots models, including a generous line of boots for women.

Almost all of the motorcycle touring boots models are treated with waterproofing membranes and are especially famous for their high level of comfort.

In addition, their experience in the manufacture of products and accessories for mountain sports, mountain biking, etc .; it has done more than enrich the vision of a brand that knows what it does, and above all, it is very clear to whom it does it for.

The models we have highlighted belong all to the mid-range, medium-high road boots.

Buying Motorcycle Boots Sidi

Finally, we also believe that Sidi stands out among the extraordinary mix of motorcycle boots brands that deserve at least a mention (missing to mention Daytona, Fox, UFO, TCX, BMW Motorrad, etc.). to its enormous strength in the market despite being the youngest company of the three mentioned.

Sidi has been involved in the manufacture of sports gear since the 1960s, with special attention to mountain sports, cycling, etc. But very soon they found their way to success by specializing in the manufacture of cycling boots and motorcycle boots.

Although they also produce clothes, the fact of being a company specialized in the product that touches us makes it noticeable in the results. In fact, with respect to all the others, we would dare to say that Sidi is currently the best brand with quality prices for the best motorcycle boots.

In the world of cycling, the members of the unbeatable Sky team with Chris Froome at the helm wear Sidi boots.

For the motorcycling competition segment, they have made real wonders such as the Sidi Mag-1 Air available to professional riders and track riders. If you have put them on, you know what we are talking about. While in the touting and trail, they wipe out the competition with their fantastic Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex.

Excellent Road Motorbike Boots

Most of what we have been highlighting so far are boots for road bikes. However, just as the concept of “road bike” is broad, footwear is also a concept.

Therefore, in this case, we wanted to make a selection of the best sports motorcycle boots, track or competition, highlighting real stars of the segment such as the Alpinestars Tech 10, the Fox Racing Comp 5 or the BMW Motorrad SportDry.

Buying Best Motocross Boots

When it comes to the gear of a biker, talking about motocross or cross is visualizing almost unintentionally the logos of two big giants of the segment such as O’Neal or Fox.

If your thing is motocross, the truth is that the segment would deserve a separate section, but as we do not want to turn our guide into an illegible and endless product, apart from inviting you to enter the Amazon motocross boots catalog to make an assessment of the models, we have limited ourselves to highlight some of the most interesting.

Best Motorcycle Boots for Custom Rides

We arrive at the segment that we like the most, perhaps because we have had the fortune to ride for many years on the back of beautiful choppers, or maybe because the custom aesthetic allows us to enter a world with an undoubted personality. From the motorcycles to the last complement of the biker, everything that has to do with the custom universe is worthy of admiration. And the boots are no less!

That does not mean, of course, that a motorist on board a custom is exempt from the comfort and harsh weather, but it is true that they are (or we are) bikers, perhaps made of a different breath, willing to endure a little more than most in order to enjoy the aesthetics of our saddle and ours. However, the ones we select are classic motorcycle boots that we recommend for urban trips and small outings.

We believe that these pairs of boots for customers are a good example of what we just cannot explain.

The Best Urban Motorbike Boots

If the Best Motorcycle Boots for Custom Rides already have a point of style, those that are included under the definition of “urban” are conceived above any other to make the biker enjoy more from the point of view of comfort for walking, and for the aesthetic as well. They are not boots in which the elements of security abound, although they do not stop being motorcycle boots.

In this section we should highlight the elegant catalog of two brands such as OMP or StylMartin, although we really fall in love with them are the TCX Touring with Gore-Tex.

The Best Motorcycle Boots for Women

Although the most demanded are still the motorcycle boots for men, the market for biker footwear for women is increasingly thriving and deserves a separate categorization (as you will understand) due to the differences of size and shape in the models intended for women.

Within the segment, we should also consider the “urban style” women’s motorcycle boots, which, as we have been saying, we strongly recommend only in case of journeys in the city or small road journeys, or to travel in favorable weather conditions. These are some of the best motorcycle boots for women of 2020

Best Motorcycle Boots for Rain

Nobody likes to get wet on the bike, for comfort and also for safety, but if we have no choice, it is necessary to wear motorcycle boots with Gore-Tex or any other waterproofing fabric system among the many used by brands in the infinity of clothing and footwear.

Some brands, moreover, have developed their own waterproof techs.

In this sense, you must bear in mind that track and competition motorcycle boots do not have this type of membranes, being an exclusive treatment for tourism and urban boots.

In any case, mixed models such as those mentioned above, the TCX Moto-S Sporter Waterproof and the BMW Motorrad SportDry, are the best choice for sports bikes.

A special mention also deserves the TCX Infinity EVO Gore-Tex models, and these BMW Pro Touring.

What Motorcycle Boot Number to Buy

Many of you ask us how motorcycle boots should look, but the truth is that it has little science. Obviously, the most important thing is that those who are going to buy the best motorcycle boots online, do not have to bother to return them because they are small or big.

In principle, the fundamental rule is to buy the same boot number that you would buy for a regular shoe.

How to Know the Size of the Motorcycle Boots

As with the rest of the footwear, the motorcycle boots of some manufacturers do not conform to international standards of sizes, usually making a point above or a point below.

To avoid confusion, although in principle we recommend buying boots of the usual size, it is worth consulting the tables of measures to determine the size of the footwear that the main brands usually provide on their websites.

Best Motorcycle Boots: Wear Inside or Out?

It’s the million-dollar question that, like all million-dollar questions, does not have a clear answer, or at least, does not have a single answer.

Many will tell you that inside, many others than outside, and some say, that as you like or as more comfortable you feel. And the truth is that everyone has their point of view.

The reason for the doubt is that many leather motorcycle suits or leather motorcycle pants are clearly designed to be worn inside the boot, as long as the boot itself allows it. In others, however, the opposite happens.

If for example, you wear a touring boot with a pair of jeans, you can do whatever you want: you can put the pants inside the boot (it is advisable if it is cold), or you can leave it out. In any of the cases, the differences are fundamentally aesthetic, although as we say, wearing the pants inside the boot can help us keep a bit more heat in the winter.

Buying  Cheap Motorcycle Boots

We have already seen the best motorcycle boots for 2020, and the best motorcycle boots brands. We were obliged to know them at least if we want to consider ourselves able to choose our next boots with full knowledge. Although none of them are our selected, the fact of knowing more about copies, makes us learn and know what to invest our money when buying.

But if you do not want to or cannot spend a lot of money on your boots, you have two options. The first, take a look at Amazon’s catalog of second-hand motorcycle boots, where from time to time you can “sneak in” some good offer. And the second one, opt for some of the cheapest models best valued.

In this sense, if you do not know where to buy cheap best motorcycle boots, our advice remains the same: in Amazon, since being the largest sales platform in the world, you can be guided by the opinions of other buyers about the product you have in mind.

BestSelling Motorcycle Boots for 2020

To put the finishing touch to our guide to the best motorcycle boots for 2018, and in order to help you make the decision of which motorcycle boot to buy, we will tell you which are the most sold motorcycle boots of 2020.

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