Best Motorcycle Gloves – Top Rated Buying Guide & Reviews 2020

Best Motorcycle Gloves

Together with the best motorcycle helmets for 2020, the best motorcycle jackets or the best motorcycle boots, among other things, the best motorcycle gloves are one of the essential accessories of the equipment for the motorcyclist. The purpose of the motorcycle gloves is not aesthetic, although we all consider aesthetics when buying them, but fundamentally functional.

The catalog of the best motorcycle gloves covers models of many types: winter and summer motorcycle gloves, heated motorcycle gloves, motorcycle gloves for men and women, track and city gloves, fingerless motorcycle gloves, etc. ; so many, that we are obliged to segment and analyze each type separately.

And that’s what you’ll find in this comparison, plus a buying guide that will be helpful if it’s the first time you buy motorcycle gloves, analysis of the best motorcycle gloves of 2020, the best brands and their respective featured models, etc.

Table of contents

  1. Guide to Buy the best Motorcycle Gloves 2020
  2. The Best Motorcycle Gloves of 2020
  3. Best Motorcycle Glove Brands
  4. The Best Motorcycle Gloves for Women
  5. Best Motorcycle Gloves for Summer
  6. The best Winter Motorcycle Gloves
  7. What are the Motorcycle Gloves for?
  8. How to Fit the Best Motorcycle Gloves
  9. How to Know My Size of Motorcycle Gloves
  10. Best Selling Motorcycle Gloves for 2020

Guide to Buy the Best Motorcycle Gloves

If it’s your first approach to the motorcycle gloves market or you want your next pair of gloves to really meet your expectations, there are a number of aspects that you need to look after. Below, Here are the steps to follow what we think you should do before buying motorcycle gloves:


The first thing you should be clear about is whether you want motorcycle gloves for cold, or for summer. One of the objectives pursued when using gloves for motorbikes is to preserve the hands of the environmental juncture; that is to say, to provide them with all the necessary heat in case the temperature is very low, or to allow all the possible ventilation in case it is very hot.

For intermediate seasonal periods such as spring and autumn, depending on the case, we can use summer models, or we can opt for spring/summer motorcycle gloves specifically designed for this way.


Only when you have clear the seasonal factor, then you decide the model of motorcycle glove depending on the type of motorbike and the type of riding that you usually carry out.

Although in this guide we are going to focus mainly on track or road gloves, you will understand that motocross gloves do not respond to the same specifications or to the same aesthetic as gloves for a custom bike in summer, for example. In this sense, we also include questions of style, although, above all, the criteria of functionality and safety continue to weigh heavily.


Knowing the thermal component of the glove and the model we need, the search for specific models must be conditioned by the brand, whenever we want to choose one of the best motorbike gloves on the market for your needs.

Below we emphasize the issue of brands, although as you can imagine, there are many brands and we have not intended in this case a glossary of motorcycle gloves, simply to allude to the best.


If you do not want to stick to the brand, the price can give you in some cases an idea of the type of glove you have in front, but do not kid yourself: there are very good motorcycle gloves at a very good price, and vice versa, motorcycle gloves with huge defects or with disproportionate prices.

Therefore, your goal should be to buy the best gloves within your possibilities, and if you have taken into account all of the above and also take into account the majority opinions on motorcycle gloves sold, we are sure you are on track.


Finally, once you know which glove for motorcycles to buy, select the size, and if you are shopping online and you will not have the chance to try it, it is important to be clear about how this works. For this, below we have created an exclusive section with a table of reference measurements, in order to show you how to choose the correct glove size. But, first, let’s go with the analysis of the best biker gloves:

The Best Motorcycle Gloves of 2020

To avoid falling into meaningless comparisons, we have selected three-track gloves models of high level, since it did not seem logical to highlight models of different categories.

In any case, there are three models of gloves that could be in the hands of any professional MotoGP rider of the circuit, so for many, it will be simply gloves to look and not touch.

If you can afford them, then yes, you are facing products of the highest level.

They will not pull the throttle of your motorbike for you, so that’s what they lack …

Rev’It RSR2 Gloves (XZL)

If you have a sports bike and you usually do outings with sports riding in mind or you even drop yourself from time to time on a circuit, these gloves are among the highest in the segment in which you move. Not in vain, they are used by several MotoGP riders.

These kangaroo leather motorcycle gloves are designed to be used in summer, hence their many ventilation elements in the fingers and the study of internal materials. The most remarkable thing in our opinion is the perfect adaptation of the gloves to the shape of the hand.

If you notice, the gloves have a slightly curved shape that matches the mold of the hands at rest. This detail makes the Rev’It RSR2 literally fit like a glove, without causing any kind of tightness in the muscles of the hand.

Other notable elements are the security reinforcements on the cuffs and knuckles, as well as its double system with strap included, and the materials of the palm, with which you will notice that the glove exerts an exceptional grip on the cuffs of the motorcycle.

It is a very good sold glove model, you can find it in a wide range of colors:

Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves

Some of the best gloves of one of the best brands of motorcycle gloves on the market; These Alpinestars GP Tech leather gloves are considered by the brand itself as the most advanced gloves in the world technologically speaking. Its price thus verifies it, and the many professional riders who use them, are its great endorsement.

In the line of the Revit Jerez pro gloves, these gloves have a strong point an ergonomic design that welcomes the hand of the biker like silk, making at all times the sensation of comfort is absolute.

In the security section, the use of Dupont ™ Kevlar® technology stands out, a type of fiber exclusively conceived by the brand’s engineers to withstand extreme abrasion. In addition, Alpinestars GP tech gloves have flexible reinforcements in the cuffs that provide maximum protection without causing discomfort with the passage of minutes and hours.

The reinforcements have also been noticed in the fingers, leaving the hand super protected thinking about all kinds of circumstances, even those that we never want to occur.

Like many of the high-end motorcycle gloves, it is made of kangaroo leather. In addition, the palm and the outside of the glove are reinforced with a type of skin treated to provide the best grip and repel water at the moments that are necessary.

In strategic areas, the leather of Alpinestars GP Tech gloves is equipped with vents that allow gloves to be worn in hot situations, although it can not be said that they are summer gloves.

Knox Handroid Gloves

In third place, gloves with advances that call the attention at first sight, of an English brand that lacks the reputation of Alpinestars, but whose prestige and quality is undoubted in the manufacture of all types of equipment for the motorcyclist.

Those elements that draw attention are what is considered as an “exoskeleton”; that is, an outer frame that would serve as a reinforcement of the muscles of the fingers, at the same time reinforcing the safety of the glove.

On the other hand, the grip of the palm, the ventilation, the adjustments … are at the same levels as in the previous cases, although in this model with a much more groundbreaking appearance.

Its system of adjustment in the forearm Boa Lazig is sensational since it obtains a perfect subjection without tightening or bothering the least. This video gives a good account of all the technical specifications of these super quality motorcycle gloves:

The range of colors of the Knox Handroid, as you see, plays with reds, blacks, and whites and various combinations.

Best Motorcycle Glove Brands

Notice that in the aforementioned model’s podium we have mentioned two brands that we are not going to rename here. With this, we want to influence the difficulty of saying which is the best brand of motorcycle gloves due not only to a large number of brands that exist today but also to the high level of quality that many of them show.

Among all, however, we have agreed to highlight these three:

Buying the Best Alpinestars Motorcycle Gloves

The brand is related to the equipment of professional riders in the track and motocross segments, especially, but Alpinestars has a very comprehensive catalog that would allow to equip from head to toe to any biker, regardless of the style of motorcycle and riding that you practice

The highest level, always at the service of professionals, is the predominant line of all the products of this multinational brand with headquarters in the United States and Italy.

Like all its catalog, the Alpinestars road brand gloves meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and design, although there is a choice: more expensive and cheaper, more classic and more sophisticated, etc.

Buying the Best Gloves for Motorbike Dainese

The Italian brand Dainese is one of the main providers of sports equipment for professional motorcyclists, and like Alpinestars has a very broad catalog for the general public in all sections of motorcyclist equipment: jackets, pants, overalls, protections, boots, gloves, etc.

The 115 years of validity of the brand that they celebrated in 2017 are not more than one of the guarantees that have the most demanding bikers when they purchase products from this firm.

In the section of gloves in concrete, although we could say that that the most advanced of the brand is the Replica D1 of Valentino Rossi, they have a model of moderate lines and exceptional finishes whose design makes them suitable for any type of motorcycle; we refer to the Dainese X-Travel Gore-Tex.

Buying the Top Spidi Motorcycle Gloves

Finally, an American brand that has also made merits to be outstanding in any selection of the best brands of motorcycle gloves.

They have three ranges of gloves: Waterproof, Leather and Textile. Those of the Leather range has to do with everything seen so far: the most refined quality with technological innovations that affect all parameters: safety, comfort, grip, etc.

The Waterproof, as you know, is designed to offer maximum resistance to water; while the textile is the most affordable, and are very comfortable mid-range gloves, suitable for city and small interurban routes in good weather conditions.

They also have the best motorcycle gloves ranges oriented to use in winter and summer, which we appreciate.

In general, we can say that it is one of the brands that, in its mid-range (affordable for anyone who has had money to buy a motorcycle destined mainly for leisure), more convinces us in terms of price-quality.

Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

If you need girl gloves, you have to specifically look for best motorcycle gloves for girls, when these are fitted to specific sizes due to the average size differences between the hands of women and men.

We say this because there are those who may think that aesthetics is the only element that differentiates gloves from others, although that is a secondary factor (as we have said before).

Of course, many girls can perfectly fit gloves specifically created for men, especially because it doesn´t damage your nail art, but if you want to hit the right size when buying the best motorcycle gloves online, we recommend that you look exclusively at girl models.

Summer Best Motorcycle Gloves

Given the high temperatures that are reached in some parts of the world during the summer, on specific journeys we all have had the temptation to dispense with the use of gloves. But you have to know that on the motorbike, and especially in summer, protection is the main intention of the gloves, and not for shelter.

Apart from the eventual falls to which we are all exposed, although we would like it to never happen, the gloves fulfill the mission of protecting us from the sun, wheater, insects, etc.

Well, the following are some of the summer best motorcycle gloves that have convinced us the most from what we have seen.

Winter Best Motorcycle Gloves

If occasionally (although we do not recommend it) it would be possible to do a short motorcycle ride during the summer without wearing the best motorcycle gloves, in winter it is practically impossible due to the immediate effect that the variables of cold, humidity or water, in combination with the wind of the own motorcycle riding, exert on the hands of the motorist.

In this sense, if you are one of those who in the winter months only take the motorbike when the sky is clear of clouds, you simply need some motorcycle gloves that keep up as they should.

The Best Motorcycle Gloves with Heating

The best winter motorbike gloves we have tested are the RST Thermotech we have included in the previous gallery, but it is clear that if the thing exceeds the point of bearable and you want to make a trip of medium or long distances, then you have to choose the only motorcycle gloves for extreme cold that we recommend: those that incorporate heating.

In this area, we have two possibilities: heated motorcycle gloves (such as the Oxford brand) with connections to the motorcycle’s own power supply, which would serve as the heated cuffs; or motorbike gloves with their own power heating.

In either case, the performance is quite good in general; in addition, to heat the hands well sometimes has the extraordinary value of allowing to heat the rest of the body, at least in short batches of kilometers.

Best Motorcycle gloves with Gore-Tex

If we plan to roll in the wet, aside from some suitable rubbers and the utmost caution, we will need a waterproof kit and a screen capable of deflecting raindrops properly.

Most waterproof of best motorcycle gloves from leading brands uses two technologies or brands of water repellents: Waterproof (like the Spidi gloves discussed above), or Gore-Tex. In both cases, depending on the overall quality of the glove, the results can be good.

What are the Motorcycle Gloves for?

We have said and requested it, but we are going to repeat it because it is important. The best Motorcycle gloves are not an ornamental element, but serve two essential functions:

  • In winter, provide the hands with the necessary thermal insulation.
  • And protect hands from possible impacts of objects or insects, as well as from abrasions due to landslides and falls.

That’s why you cannot wear the conventional gloves that you normally wear to go out as motorcycle gloves.

For as little that you have ridden on a motorcycle, either by the city or by highway, you will have realized it. In addition, the friction and the own handling of the elements of the motorcycle, require the use of resistant materials.

Moreover, each type of motorcycle or each type of riding requires a type of motorcycle gloves.

Since motorcycle riding is an activity with a series of physical requirements, it is suitably important testing the best motorcycle glove for each element and provides comfort and total safety to the rider. On the other hand, it is very important to always wear gloves of the exact size.

How Motorcycle Gloves Should Stay

Unlike some gloves, the motorcycle gloves should provide maximum comfort when closing your fist, which will be predominant during riding.

Therefore, when trying them for the first time, before removing the label, it is very important that you adjust them correctly and close the cuffs. In that position, the gloves should not press on any part of the hand, with special emphasis on the tips of the index and middle fingers, on the knuckles and on the cuffs.

How to Know My Size of Motorcycle Gloves

We have already said that men’s motorcycle gloves do not have the same carving standards as women’s ones, and the same goes for motorcycle gloves for children, which have their own measurements. This is the starting point.

From here, many are the ones who ask us how to measure the hand for motorcycle gloves and if there are standards in this regard. The answer is yes, but with nuances.

In the following video, you will see the international standards that define the sizes of motorcycle gloves; that is, the equivalence of size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. To know with what size the measurements of your hand correspond, you should measure with a tape the contour of the hand, in the way that can be seen in the drawing, perfectly fitting the ribbon to the hand:

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