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Guide to Traveling on a Motorcycle in Spain

Guide to Traveling on a Motorcycle in Spain

Do not know where to go on your next motorcycle trip in Spain? Discover the most emblematic places of this country from another perspective.

If you are a true lover of motorcycles, and you are seriously evaluating the possibility of booking your next vacation to travel on a motorcycle in Spain, and go into an exciting adventure on two wheels that allows you to know some of the most emblematic places of this country in a different way, here I will show you a series of guidelines and tips that will be of great help to you to fully enjoy your trip.

Spain is a country that has perfectly prepared roads for long motorcycle trips, as well as many truly spectacular motorbike routes. For this reason, I encourage you to tour Spain on a motorcycle. I know that you will not regret it.

The options you have available to make your motorcycle trip in Spain are endless, so whatever you are looking for, have no doubt that you will be able to prepare a trip that fits what you are looking for, and that even exceeds your expectations.

Organized Motorcycle trips in Spain

A very good option to enjoy your trip to the fullest is to opt for an organized motorcycle trip in Spain. You have to take into account that Spain is a favorable country for motorcycle trips, both for the good weather it offers most of the year, for the quality of its roads, for the countless motorbike routes that are available, and for the treasures it has to offer.

This has made many motorcycle lovers, not only Spanish, but from all over the world, decides to unleash their passion for two wheels on a road network with more than 370,000 kilometers.

This love for two wheels in Spain has led to a number of companies that organize trips to travel on a motorcycle, an increasing every year, by some of the most emblematic places in the country. These types of companies have a wide variety of organized trips that will adapt to all tastes, so have no doubt that you will find a trip that fits what you are looking for.

Whether you want to visit the south of Spain with your motorcycle, as the Mediterranean area, the north, Castilla y León or any other area of ​​the country, it will not be too difficult for you to find an organized trip that meets your expectations. You just have to find the right company specialized in motorcycle trips within Spain, something that will not be too complicated with the help of the Internet.

7 of the Best Motorcycle Routes in Spain

Within the motorcycle routes in Spain, there are so many, so many spectacular destinations, that it is difficult to make a selection that brings together the fantastic proposals that fans of motorcycle trips have. But hey, here are 7 of them:

1. Route Vía de la Plata

It is not only a first-rate cultural itinerary, but also the Cooperation Network of Cities on the Route in Vía de la Plata is one of the places that are most clearly liked for bikers. It is the perfect route: about 1,000 kilometers, from Asturias to Andalusia, through four autonomous communities and dream landscapes.

2. Alpujarra

To the Alpujarra you have to go for its history. You also have to go for its ecstatic nature, for its delicious gastronomy, and for its bohemian and mountainous atmosphere. Yes, for all this you have to dive into this most beautiful strip of Andalusia. But, above all, for its people.

3. National Park Picos de Europa (European Peaks)

One of the main reasons why traveling on a motorcycle in Spain is so fashionable is because of the exciting routes that exist to explore Picos de Europa (European Peaks) national park on a motorcycle. If you already know them, it will not be necessary to tell you that it is one of the most spectacular landscapes you can find in this country, which is even more enjoyable on a motorcycle. In case you don’t know them yet, it will be the perfect excuse to do so.

Picos de Europa (European Peaks) national park

The possibilities offered by Picos de Europa (European Peaks) national park when making a motorcycle trip are endless, and I need to remind you that it is the first National Park in Spain.

There are many routes that will allow you to travel Picos de Europa (European Peaks) national park on a motorcycle, but I chose the most interesting for me, since it offers you the opportunity to get to know this National Park almost entirely in one trip. .

It is a circular route through Picos de Europa (European Peaks) national park, through which you will visit some of the most emblematic Asturian and Cantabrian municipalities, and enjoy some treasures and an authentic natural paradise in first person, with the freedom of riding a motorcycle.

This route begins in the Cantabrian municipality of Potes, one of the main tourist centers of Picos de Europa (European Peaks) national park, and goes to Puerto de San Glorio on the N-621, which is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular mountain passes that they have in Spain.

From San Glorio the route goes to Riaño, a municipality known as “Spanish Switzerland”. Later, from San Glorio we go to Cangas de Onís, possibly the most popular municipality in the surroundings of Picos de Europa (European Peaks) national park, and from there, we end the route again in Potes.

If you want to travel on a motorcycle in Spain, I recommend that you keep this circular route through Picos de Europa (European Peaks) national park very present, since in addition to releasing adrenaline on incredible twisting roads, you will enjoy some of the most spectacular sights that Spain offers, and you shouldn’t miss it.

4. N-340, The Longest Road in Spain

Discover one of the most legendary tracks in Spain. The N-340 has its kilometer 0 at the junction with the old N-IV, current A-4, in Puerto Real (Cádiz). Continue its course to Barcelona, to complete a total that exceeds 1,200 kilometers.

5. Transpirenaica (off road)

One of the great mythical routes for adventure bikes fans in Spain. The Pyrenees in its entire splendor, through off-roads.

6. From Murcia to Campo de Montiel

From the Murcian orchard to the landscapes that Miguel de Cervantes described in Don Quixote, the route crosses such iconic destinations as Riópar and the source of the Río Mundo, Sierra de Alcaraz, Caravaca de la Cruz, Calasparra and… in total, nothing less than 5 Spanish provinces: Murcia, Granada, Jaén, Albacete and Ciudad Real.

7. Cabañeros National Park

One of the natural treasures of the peninsular center, an ecosystem rich in flora and fauna, which best visit time is by the first rains of September, taking advantage of the rutting season of the deer. You will cross the roads of the Montes de Toledo and enter the heart of Cabañeros in search of the bellowing.

Traveling Alone on a Motorcycle in Spain

If organized trips does not convince you, and instead you prefer to travel on your motorcycle at your own pace, there is also the option of traveling alone with your motorcycle through Spain.

Without a doubt it will be an unrepeatable experience that you will not regret, but yes, it is essential that you dedicate the time necessary to organize your trip, and thus have everything perfectly tied, as well as ensure that your motorcycle is in perfect condition for travel.

Traveling Alone on a Motorcycle in Spain

In that case, I recommend that you start organizing your trip well in advance, since the possibilities that Spain offers you when making a motorcycle trip are innumerable, with exciting routes through the different areas of the country, which will make it more difficult for you to know which one to choose.

My recommendation is that when organizing your trip, plan it in stages, since this way you will know the approximate number of kilometers you will cover each day, and it will be easier for you to find a nearby accommodation in which to rest from your trip. In addition, it is very also useful to mark all the service stations that you will find on your way, in this way you can better manage your fuel and you will know when to stop for refuel.

Once you have requested the necessary vacation days at work, and you have planned your trip, it will be smart to make sure that your motorcycle is in perfect condition to face the exciting journey ahead of you. In addition, it is not necessary to tell you how essential it will be to have a quality motorcycle insurance that offers the coverage you need.

To guarantee that your motorcycle is in perfect condition, I recommend you go to your trusted workshop, have your motorcycle checked and tuned, and thus reduce the chances of suffering any type of incident or mechanical problem during the journey. It would also not hurt if you had a basic knowledge of motorcycle mechanics, as they could save you from more than one trouble.

And if they do not do it in the workshop, it is important that you clean your motorcycle perfectly before starting your trip, pay special attention to all the elements that intervene in your visibility.

As for the gear and accessories on your motorcycle, it is essential that you go perfectly prepared for your trip. You will need to take with you all the basic equipment for your trip (safety helmet, jacket, gloves, pants and boots), and it is also important that you wear some type of raincoat that offers protection in case of rain.

And to say the least that you also must carry all your mandatory documentation during your trip, as well as riding in a prudent way and respecting traffic signs and traffic regulations at all times.

Motorcycle Trip Around Europe from Spain

If you have already traveled Spain on different occasions and have made several motorcycle trips in Spain, perhaps it is time to leave our borders and travel on your motorcycle to the rest of Europe. Do you like the idea?

I assure you that it will be the same or even more exciting than traveling your motorcycle in Spain, since Europe hides simply spectacular treasures, capable of giving anyone’s chills, and even more if they are actually discovered on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Trip Around Europe from Spain

In addition, one of the main advantages of traveling in Europe is that while you are in countries within the European Union, you will not need to obtain any type of license or additional document, since you can cross borders without any problem, as long as you have your documentation in order. You can circulate in the same way that you do in Spain, France or Italy.

Of course, although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that you travel with your valid passport, in case there is any type of problem, as well as that you ask your motorcycle insurance company for the green card, which is an insurance document that certifies that your motorcycle will be perfectly insured while you are riding outside your country.

Once you’ve made sure you have everything in order, it’s time to plan your trip, and here the possibilities are endless, so have no doubt that you will be able to prepare a really exciting trip that is capable of satisfying you.

You just have to be more or less clear on the type of trip you want to make, and from there, depending on the days you have available and the payment you can afford to make, prepare your trip.

For me, one of the motorbike routes in Europe that I like the most is to travel to the North Cape, in Norway, although it is necessary that for this trip you plan it with a lot of available time, and an important budget that allows you to face the necessary disbursement. If you come from US or any country in America, then much more so to think the time needed to travel to Europe and make the trip.

But in case you don’t have that much time or budget, there are many other really exciting motorcycle routes in Europe, for which much less resources are needed.

So you already know, if traveling on your motorcycle in Spain no longer fills you up, and you want to continue quenching your thirst for traveling on two wheels, do not hesitate, cross the borders and enjoy Europe with your motorcycle. Surely you’re dying just thinking about it.


If you are definitely determined to travel on a motorcycle in Spain, keep this guide in mind, as it will undoubtedly be of great help to you to fully enjoy each kilometer.

Of course, beyond the recommendations I have given you, it will be you who has the last word and who decides both the duration of your trip and the route you will take. You may also check these Scramble Motorcycles that I bet they will fun to ride in any of these trips.