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The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Travel

The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Travel

If you are passionate about traveling by motorcycle, you should not miss this guide with the best routes, tips and accessories. Get the most out of your trip from now on.

If you are a person who finds the motorcycle the best vehicle to travel on, and take advantage of any occasion to enjoy an exciting trip on two wheels, in this post you will find a great ally.

Why? Because we have prepared for you a spectacular mega-guide for traveling on a motorcycle in which we are going to give you a series of tips and indications to keep in mind, which will allow you to fully enjoy your trip.

The world of motorcycles, in addition to being exciting, generating enormous expectations and having millions of followers, is also a culture that inspires people of all kinds, even those who do not have a motorcycle, or have never even rode one, but they are attracted to the two wheels.

We are going to talk about the main destinations when making a motorcycle trip, about the most recommended motorcycles, we are going to give some guidelines in case you travel alone or with your partner, in case you do it in summer or winter, we will review the equipment and gear you must bring… Anything that may come to mind is going to be discussed in this post, so pay attention and take note because this will be interesting for you.

🌍 Traveling on a Motorcycle in Europe

In case you are planning to travel with your motorcycle along the European continent, you should know that today it is much easier than a few years ago, as long as the country in which you are belongs to the European Union.

When traveling through the European Union, you have the comfort of being able to move from one country to another without any problem. You can do it using the same mandatory documentation to ride a motorcycle as in Spain, France or UK. You do not even need to carry your passport, although if you do have it, it would not be a bad idea to put it in your backpack.

Now if you are from the US, Canada or any other country from America you will probably need to get the international driver license for motorcycle compatible with the Driver license A in Europe, and carry your passport with you at all time.

What is very important is that you make sure that you have all the documentation in order, since otherwise you could have a problem. If you have your documentation up to date, but have less than six months before expire, I recommend that you renew it before starting your trip.

As for traffic regulations, they are generally the same in each country of the European Union, but even so, it is recommended that you review the regulations of the countries you are going to be in, in case there is something specific that you should take into consideration, especially if you are form America or Asia.

And of course, it goes without saying how important it is to have good motorcycle insurance. Make sure to looking for insurance with coverage outside your country, and that allows you to obtain the Green Card, which is a necessary document to go on a motorcycle within the European countries.

Travel on a Motorcycle in Spain

I have already made different posts in which I have talked about touring your motorcycle in Spain and other places, but even so, we believe that it is interesting to review the most important elements to take into account.

If you are Spanish and reside in Spain, you will not have to worry about the documentation, since you will not need any other extra document beyond those that you use in your day to day.

Guide for Motorcycle Travel Spain

Here is what you should pay more attention to:

  1. The routes you are going to take, paying special attention to the type of roads, as well as whether you should pay tolls or not.
  2. If what you want is to make an exciting trip with your motorcycle along the classic national roads, make sure you research about the national roads with the most kilometers in Spain.
  3. As always get an insurance that cover you and your motorcycle in case of any event.
  4. Gas prices and point of rest so your journey goes as smooth as it should be.
  5. As a recommendation, make sure you travel with at least one more person.
  6. Check list Ok your motorcycle so you don´t have any problem on the road.

See more here: Guide to traveling on a motorcycle in Spain

Travel in North Cape

One of the destinations most liked by passionate bikers is the North Cape, in Norway. In fact, among the bikers it is shown as a compulsory biker pilgrimage, since it is a real challenge.

But of course, in case you plan to travel to the North Cape with your motorcycle, you must be clear that you must make a significant financial outlay, as well as have a long vacation period, since the minimum distance you will have to travel to North Cape leaving from any country in Europe will be around 3,000 to 4,900 kilometers.

Without a doubt, the most exciting thing about traveling to the North Cape is the journey. There are multiple routes available to get there, and each one will offer you a series of charms that will leave you speechless, but without a doubt if you want to enjoy a dream route, you should include the highway of the Atlantic as part of your route to the North Cape.

I will use as point of start, Spain since for me is the best place to start any ride within Europe among other things (Like Wine). The most common among the Spanish, is to cross France through the Rhone Valley, until reaching Alsace, leaving Switzerland and the Alps to the east. Then you have to enter Germany through Freiburg, crossing it to Denmark and finally reaching Sweden. There you have to take a ferry that takes us to Finland, and finally head towards Norway. Thrilling isn´t it?

Trip to South America on a Motorbike

If, on the other hand, you decide to travel on a motorcycle in South America, I anticipate that it will be a very good idea, since for some reason it has become one of the most popular destinations.

Here you will have to make sure that you will have all the necessary documentation to be able to cross borders without any problem, as well as pay attention to whether you need any type of special document for your motorcycle.

As for the language, the truth is that you will not have too many complications, since in most South American countries English is spoken as a second language, while in others such as Brazil, where Spanish is not the official language, you will also have no problem communicating clearly. But if you know Spanish then much better though.


If you are going to visit Colombia during your motorcycle trip, you have a lot of places worth visiting, so I recommend that you prepare your itinerary well in advance.


Travel to México on a motorcycle is also very common, as there is no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful countries, and also best prepared for traveling on a motorcycle.

If you “Gloogle” about motorcycle trips in Mexico, you will find endless information about it, so we recommend that you prepare your trip in time, to make sure you have everything tied up and that you will not miss anything. A big advice on my part, is that for security reasons you plan your trip with a rather large group and not alone.


As for documentation, a trip through Chile will not differ at all from Colombia, México or any other South American country like Argentina. With English as the second language and all the documentation in order, what you should pay special attention to is the different motorbike routes that exist in Chile.


And to close with South America, I focus on Argentina, one of the most biker countries in the world. Regardless of the type of trip you had in mind, I guarantee that in Argentina you will enjoy your motorcycle like a child with a new toy. In fact, I dare say that it is one of the countries that has the most to offer when it comes to taking a motorcycle trip.

Guide for Motorcycle Travel Argentina

Morocco on a Bike

Morocco is a country that allows you to travel on a motorbike both on asphalt and on the authentic desert, and in either option; you will enjoy a simply spectacular experience.

In case you have a passport, you will not need any special type of visa to travel in a motorcycle to Morocco, so you will not have to worry about anything. Of course, in case you have never been in the country before, you must register your passport when you go to cross the border. Once registered, you will obtain a CIN identification code, which you must use at airports, hotels, public places, etc.

Travel the World

In case you want to go around the world on a motorcycle, both the guidelines and advice that I have given you previously, as well as those that I will give you below will be helpful for you. In any case, later I will make a special post about world travel on a motorcycle, in which I will discuss all the points that you should take into account.

🏍 Best Bikes to Travel any Place

In case you plan to take a very demanding motorcycle trip, it is important that you do it with a reliable, comfortable and perfectly prepared motorcycle.

Best bikes to travel

Here I show you 7 of the most recommended Adventure Touring Motorcycles:

  • BMW 1250 Adventure.
  • Triumph Tiger 800.
  • Honda Africa Twin.
  • Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere.
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure R.
  • Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS.
  • Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro.

Reliable Motorcycles for Traveling

When choosing the most reliable motorcycle for your trip, different factors will come into play and you must take into account, since obviously you will not need the same motorcycle to make a road trip, than if you are going to opt for a trip through the desert, mountain routes, etc.

For me personally the best motorcycle to ride on a trip to any place is basically the one that will allow me to do whatever I want. But if you have budget to have different bikes to choose from then it is better to ride the most appropriate bike for the occasion.

Comfortable Motorcycles to Travel

In addition to being reliable, it is also essential that the motorcycle is comfortable enough, otherwise it is very likely that you will suffer some type of problem during the journey, which could even make it impossible for you to finish your trip.

Each person is different, and therefore, not all motorcycles are equally comfortable for everyone. That is why it is important that before you get your motorcycle you have time to test it, and thus make sure that it will adapt to your needs and offer you the comfort you need.

Gear for Motorcycle Travel

Done with the main destinations for a motorcycle trip, now I will focus on the gear and tools for traveling with your motorcycle, which will undoubtedly be essential to fully enjoy your trip without any mishap.

Best gear to travel

Basic Kit for Motorcycle Travel

As for equipment, you can carry as much as you want, but there are a number of basic elements that cannot be missing. Here are some of the most important:

  • Gps
  • Mobile support
  • Reflective vests
  • Basic Toolkit
  • Motorcycle suitcases
  • Pin lock or anti-fog adhesive for the helmet
  • First aid box
  • Puncture repair kit

I recommend that you read my post in which we give a series of tricks to pack your gear on the motorcycle.

Alpinestars Men's SP-8 v2 Leather Motorcycle Glove, Black/Grey, Medium
  • Premium, full-grain leather construction is durable and offers excellent abrasion resistance.
  • An innovative microfiber and PU grip insert strategically position on palm and thumb for excellent levels of grip control and durability.
  • Alpinestars? exclusive ergonomic stretch insert between palm and thumb offers improved range of hand movement and greater sensitivity while operating the bike controls.
  • Incorporates premium quality suede palm and landing reinforcement for grip, control and durability.
  • Alpinestars? patented third and fourth finger bridge prevents seam failure and finger separation in the event of a slide.
Alpinestars Men's Andes V2 Drystar Pants, Black, Medium
  • Integrated reflective graphic details and logos improve rider visibility in varying light conditions.
  • Adjustment waist system features buckle and stretch material for highly customizable fit.
  • Removable long thermal liner ensures comfort on hot or cold days.
  • Adjustable, removable bib braces improve comfort fit.
  • Optimized for use with the Andes DRYSTAR V2 Jacket with internal waist connection zipper.

What Clothing for Traveling?

Regarding clothing for your motorcycle trip, there are three elements that stand out above the rest, which are the motorcycle jacket, pants and gloves. They are absolutely necessary and the least you need to travel, and if you already have had the opportunity to take a motorcycle trip, you will know from experience.

In addition to protecting you from the elements, they will provide you with a comfort that will allow you to enjoy for hours on two wheels, and they will also give you an extra safety to keep in mind, protecting you in the event of any type of accident or fall. Of course, I assume that there is no need to talk about the importance of the helmet safety. Here you can see the best helmets.

Alpinestars Men's T-GP Plus R V2 Air Motorcycle Jacket, Black/White/Red, Large
  • Strategically positioned poly-fabric stretch insert on shoulders for excellent flex fit.
  • 3D mesh collar construction for improved comfort and breathability.
  • Velcro and D-ring waist adjustments for a secure and customized fit.
  • Velcro wrist cuff closures allow further fine-tuning of garment?s fit.
  • Lower rear profile design offers lumbar coverage and prevents jacket from riding up over pants.
Alpinestars Men's Andes v2 Drystar Motorcycle Jacket, Light Grey/Black/Dark Grey, 2X-Large
  • Removable long-sleeve thermal liner (100g body 80g sleeves) ensures comfort on hot or cold days.
  • Pre-contoured sleeves with accordion stretch panels on elbows for improved riding performance, plus volume adjustment to ensure close fit.
  • Velcro-closing waist adjustment belt for highly customizable fit.
  • External zippered pockets for safe peace-of-mind storage.
  • Optimized for use with the Andes DRYSTAR V2 Pants with internal waist connection zipper.

Motorcycle Riding Boots

The boots to travel on a motorcycle are not less important, although they are not mandatory, they are totally recommended, both for comfort and for safety. You can have the possibility of getting specific motorcycle boots, or on the contrary, you can also wear mountain boots, as long as they are comfortable and tough enough to offer you the necessary protection and safety.

FORMA Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots (Brown, Size 12 US/Size 46 Euro)
  • Full-grain Oiled Leather upper
  • DRYTEX lining (Waterproof/Breathable)
  • Vintage leather finish
  • Adventure double density anti slip/rubber sole
  • Injection molded plastic front plate
Alpinestars Men's SMX-6 v2 Vented Street Motorcycle Boot, Black/Red/White, 44
  • Newly designed boot upper incorporates innovative front, rear bellow and rear calf zones for superior levels of flexibility. The upper is constructed from microfiber for durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Ergonomic last for forefoot streamlining to enable greater control of the bike's controls and for superior, wide-ranging foot profile, fit and comfort.
  • Medial side entry opening/closure system features elastic-mounted zipper with wide velcro closure for flexibility and secure fit. The aperture opening is large to promote easier entry/exit.
  • Internal toe box protection is layered under the upper for durability, improved feel and performance.
  • New, removable anatomic footbed includes EVA and Lycra for performance, comfort and support.

Accessories for your Motorcycle

As for the accessories for a motorcycle trip, we have previously reviewed some of the most important. In any case, there are many others that could undoubtedly help you to enjoy your trip even more.

MOTOPOWER MP0609EA 3.1Amp Waterproof Motorcycle Dual USB Charger Kit SAE to USB Adapter Cable Phone Tablet GPS Charger with SAE Ring Terminal Cable Harness
  • ✅【Universal Capability】- Input Voltage: 12-24V; Output: 5V, 3.1Amp. It can charge just about any phone, Tablet, GPS, camera, etc.
  • ✅【Easy Operation】- Standard SAE quick release connection complying with most brands of SAE cables. 18" Fused SAE Ring Terminal harness is included for easy connection with the battery directly to provide power for the USB charger. Just plug and play.
  • ✅【Quick Installation】- Multiple Mounting Options - it can be mounted to amost any surface with tape, zip ties or screws ( hardware not included)
  • ✅【Multi-level Safety Protection & Waterproof】- Safety design against over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and reverse connection. WATERPROOF - Fully gluded PCBA without any worry of water damage [ IP68 ]
  • ✅【Energy-Save】- With the upgraded sleep mode, it will not drain any power from the battery if no usb devices in charing. It can be connected with the power for long time without battery drain. Keep the cap on when not in use to prevent dust in.
Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount - The Only Unbreakable Handlebar Holder for iPhone, Samsung or Any Other Smartphone. +100 to Safeness & Comfort
  • OUT AND OUT UNIVERSAL - mount any cell phone to any bicycle, motorcycle or ATV with tubular handlebars (from 0.2" to 1.9" in diameter)! No tools for installation required.
  • EXTRA SECURE & SHOCK ABSORBING rubberized clip with silicone belts grip phone firmly and securely. It holds tight, make the most extreme ride - the phone will not fall!
  • ADJUSTABLE GRIP WITH 360° ROTATION FREEDOM - simply adjust and secure your phone to any angle and position that suits your preference and enjoy the comfort of your ride!
  • FULL PHONE ACCESS - use screen, buttons and mic jack for music. No need to unmount your smartphone or iPod. Keep your hands on the handlebar. +100 to SAFENESS!
  • KEEP PHONE HANDY & RIDE SMOOTHLY OR GET A REFUND - if for any reason, you don't like your new mount, we'll refund you every penny (or replace it, if there is an issue).

Backpack for Traveling

One of the most important accessories when traveling on a motorcycle is the backpack. The reasons are many, but without a doubt the one that stands out the most is that you will have an extra space to carry many more things with you. In addition, I must add that the backpacks are very comfortable.

Dainese Unisex-Adult D-Dakar Hydration Backpack Black One
  • 2 stretch mesh pockets on shoulder straps for storing GEL packets and/or Bite Valve docking station
  • Capacity: 9,4 L
  • Clear TPU window for displaying ID, trail map or lift pass
  • Comes with 100 oz / 3 Liter OGIO bladder made from BPA -free polyurethane film protected by Microban antimicrobial technology
  • Electronics /personals drop pocket on the top of the bag
OGIO 122101_03 Black Dakar 3L Hydration Pack
  • Dedicated anti-sloshing hydration bladder compartment
  • Insulated cooler fabric lining that keeps Liquid cold for 30% longer
  • Upper zippered felt-lined electronics pocket for security and protection.Multi-Adjust harness system designed for easy maneuverability
  • 100oz./3L bladder - made in USA custom mope/EVA film, naturally Antimicrobial, BPA free, zero taste, and odor-free
  • Ergonomic padded back with directional air flow

Tips for Traveling on a Motorcycle

Advise for Motorcycle Travel

When traveling on two wheels, there are many things to keep in mind. Beyond carrying all your documentation in order, preparing your kit and knowing the most attractive routes to take, it is essential that you make sure you have your motorcycle in perfect condition, in order to try to avoid as much as possible that you may suffer some type of mechanic problem.

In addition, it is highly recommended that you have a series of basic mechanic knowledge, in order to solve some type of problem yourself.

Traveling on your Motorcycle in Winter

When traveling on a motorcycle in winter, it goes without saying that you should take all necessary precautions to prevent the cold from becoming your worst enemy. Keep in mind that there are places that in winter can reach extremely low temperatures, so it is important that you are perfectly protected, otherwise it is very likely that the trip could be unbearable.

Traveling Alone

When traveling on a motorcycle alone, there should be no problem; in fact, it is usually more comfortable than traveling with a partner, since you will not have to worry about possible delays and such.

Of course, in case you are traveling alone, it is very important that you always travel with charged battery in your mobile, as well as that you keep the location of your mobile phone connected, in this way, in case you suffered any type problem, it would be much easier for anyone to locate you.

Traveling on a Motorcycle with your Partner

If, on the other hand, you are traveling as a couple, it is important that you take some precautions that allow you to make the trip without any problem, enjoying maximum comfort and safety.

Here, although you as a the rider must be aware at all times that you have a passenger behind you, the responsibility will really fall directly on the co-pilot, since the stability and safety of the bike will greatly depend on his/her behavior on the bike.

Below I share a series of tips to keep in mind when traveling with a passenger on a motorcycle:

  • It is essential that the passenger is in a good position and moves as little as possible during the journey.
  • Always keep calm in any situation.
  • Always use the rear brake of the motorcycle as much as possible.
  • Ride the bike always putting yourself in the shoes of the passenger.


I hope that this ultimate guide to travel on a motorcycle has been a great help to you. I love riding my motorcycle every time I can and to any place possible, and my best advice is that you do it safety in mind first and of course to enjoy the journey more than ever. I assure you the experience you will have is un-discribable.

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