This is How the Six Engines of the MotoGP 2017 Grid Sound

MotoGP Engine Comparison – The MotoGP World Championship this year features the largest variety of factories in recent years. In addition to Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki and Aprilia, 2017 has seen KTM debut in the premier class, a factory that reaches MotoGP ready to fight for the world title in just three years.

Six factories involve six engine configurations on the grid. Yamaha – with its distinctive Crossplane crankshaft – and Suzuki are the only ones who are committed to placing the four cylinders on their engines in line, a configuration that facilitates easier maintenance, less vibrations and more power, sacrificing space (they are wider) and delivery of power at low and medium speed.

Honda, Aprilia and KTM have four cylinders on their V-shaped engines, a structure that favors traction at low and medium speed and a more compact size, but also offers more problems in the form of vibrations, heat generation and balancing the motor. Ducati also has the engine cylinders of his Desmosedici faced, although one case is somewhat more open than the rest of V4, forming an L, a very common technique in the racing engines of Borgo Panigale.

In this video made by Dorna you can see the sound differences of the six engines that can be seen and heard this year in MotoGP.