Onboard Yamaha R6 2017 in Almería – Standar Bike VS WSS Kit

Yamaha R6 2017 – The Circuit of Almeria hosted last week the international presentation to the press of the new Yamaha YZF-R6 2017. Journalists from all over Europe had the opportunity to enjoy the layout of Tabernas on the new Supersport of Iwata, which this year receives a deep wash Of face and an important technological load to try to remain like the great referent of the increasingly depleted segment Supersport.

Not having received an invitation from Yamaha to attend the presentation, we can not offer you any material or conclusions about the improvements received in the R6 2017. However, thanks to this video edited by our Italian partners of RED Live, we can complete a Couple of laps to Almería on the new YZF-R6 with two different configurations.

The first lap of the video is recorded on a fully standard Yamaha R6 2017, using Bridgestone R10 Type 2 sports tires. In the second lap, starting at 2:30, the rider climbs to another Yamaha R6 2017 prepared for circuit with an exhaust Akrapovic complete, YEC switchgear and fiber fairing, elements that Yamaha offers inside the ‘Supersport kit’. The tires and the setting of suspensions are the same as those of the series bike. Its time: 1:47.

Yamaha R6 2017

With this supersport kit, the Yamaha R6 2017 spins with more joy, benefiting from the suppression of the catalyst, one of its biggest ballasts to comply with Euro4 regulations. In fact, only at top speed, the bike with the circuit kit reaches 256 km / h at the end of the straight line, compared to the 232 km / h of the series bike.

We remind you that the new YZF-R6 2017 delivers 87.1 kW (116.8 hp) at 14,500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 61.7 Nm at 10,500 rpm, weighs 190 kilos with all liquids and incorporates new electronic (ABS, TCS Traction Control and QSS Semi-Automatic Shifting) and better part cycle, with 43mm bars in the front fork and radial four-piston calipers, the same configuration as the YZF-R1.