Police Ramming Motorcycle to End High Speed Chase in Tallinn, Estonia

Stopping a motorcycle that is involved in a police chase is really difficult. Unlike cars, a motorcycle can easily skip a roadblock, can turn around on the freeway with a single maneuver and also has almost total freedom to cross parks, gardens and areas to which a police vehicle does not have access .

That is why, on many occasions, the police take advantage of the first opportunity they have to stop the runaway driver trying not to endanger his life, something really complicated if we consider the speeds that are usually achieved in such situations.

Today’s video footage is recorded in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Police are pursuing a couple who have been hunted by another patrol car at more than 200 km/hr in a residential area, alerting the other units to try to block the passage to the motorcycle.

During the chase, at the arrival of a roundabout, the motorcycle slows down, and that is when the patrol car hits them from behind and throws them to the ground, ending the escape of this daredevil motorist, who also does not have a driving license. The woman who accompanies him, visibly angry, shows his anger and shout to the agents, who does not seem to care too much all the insults that she shouts.