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Dovizioso – I have no Problem with Lorenzo and He Should not Have it With Me Either

Andrea Dovizioso returned to savor the champagne four months later. The Italian won the inaugural race of the season, in Qatar, and since then had suffered to return to the top of the podium, a position that was usual during 2017.

He assures that the problem lies in the management of the rear tire, although the first place in the Czech Republic reveals that, under the right circumstances, they are candidates for victory.

The blows in the tank of his Desmosedici after crossing the finish line released the contained tension: he had defeated Jorge Lorenzo (2nd) and Marc Márquez (3rd).

This was his analysis of the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic in statements to Movistar MotoGP:

A perfect race ?: “Yes (laughs), because we were very close to the limit, we had enough tires and we could not push anymore”.

He wins again thanks to the strategy: “Honestly, I have been adapting the strategy during the race, I have been able to do well and that means that the start helps a lot in MotoGP, I have ridden well and, at no time, I have abused the tire when it was not necessary, I suffered in the end, but enough to be there with Marc and Jorge. ”

He led during almost the whole race: “Being in front of the whole race you have an advantage because you can manage your energy and the tires, but on the other hand you do not know anything about your rivals, that’s why you are a little bit expose and you have to fight blindly ”

The duel with Jorge Lorenzo: “It was a bit strange because, normally, when you fight with the riders, you do it in the braking zones, and with Jorge Lorenzo, you do it in the direction changes. A bit far or not so much grip to prepare the overtaking, but I was ready and tried, at all times, return it.

The line of work is clear: “From my point of view, we are at a fairly similar level, in other races we were very strong, but we are suffering to manage the rear tire, I think that today our bike was very fast in acceleration and that it has given us a certain advantage, I have had the possibility of managing the tire, but in that sense I am not as happy as last year, and that is fundamental, we are working and, if we can improve, we can think of fighting with Marc. no, it’s going to be difficult. ”

After the crossings of statements of recent days, have you spoken with Jorge Lorenzo in the closed park? “No, nothing, Jorge is something special, he’s a great person, I’ve always said it, but he’s a peculiar person, sometimes he does not understand some situations and he gets angry, but the situation is different, I do not have any problem with Jorge, and he should not have it with me either. ”

Next week they will compete in Austria, a very favorable circuit: “For us, Austria is fabulous, and after this victory I sincerely hope to have stronger opponents than last year, I do not think it’s easy to win there, and last year it was not, but I think we will arrive with a good speed. ”