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Ducati is Harder to Control Than the Honda

In some areas, the Ducati is harder to control than the Honda; in others, it is more stable.  Casey Stoner, the Ducati test rider, knows very well the philosophy of the Italian brand when it comes to manufacturing its prototypes in the premier category. In fact, he was the only one capable of conquering the MotoGP title on a Bologna motorcycle.

Although that mythical GP7 with which he was proclaimed champion is totally different to the version that this year pilot Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso has, the Australian is clear about the general differences with Japanese motorcycles and believes that the #99 Jorge Lorenzo can adapt well to the RC213V, as it could also do to the GP18: “The Ducati has always been a somewhat unusual motorcycle, but it has quite a few strengths, that can not be denied”.

“What you can do with a motorcycle is limited, it’s a piece of metal and rubber that we work with, it’s easier if you change yourself as a rider than if you have to rebuild the entire bike.” In summary, you must adapt to the new conditions as a rider, “warns the two-time MotoGP champion at

Stoner believes that, in addition to changing your riding style, hard work is the key to adapting to any bike: “The Ducati is certainly heavier than normal and clearly heavier than a Yamaha. Any rider, changing from a Yamaha to another motorcycle, complains that their motorcycle is not so easy to ride.

They are symptoms and impressions that repeat themselves. But if riding [with the Ducati] gets you more tire, then you should only train more. It is your duty if you want to win. You must work harder than the enemies in your area. Work and avoid these problems. ”

When talking about the differences between Honda and Ducati, #27 Casey Stoner is very clear. “The Ducati is more difficult to control” in some areas, but in others, it offers more stability” and gives you more confidence”.

“The Ducati is not a bad bike, it can be seen in Jack Miller, which comes from Honda, Dovi drove with Honda and Yamaha and was never as competitive as with the Ducati, all the bikes have their weaknesses and their strengths. That the biggest weaknesses remain as low as possible depends on the pilot, as well as making the most of the strengths, “he says.

During 2019 and 2020, Lorenzo will join Marc Márquez to form one of the most successful teams in history: to date, both conjugate eleven world titles, 130 victories and 255 podiums. Jorge and Marc have shared all the titles since 2010 with one missing: the one that Stoner himself won when he arrived at the Repsol Honda Team in 2011.