Goodbye To The Tariffs for Japanese Motorcycles!

Tariffs for Japanese Motorcycles!

Japanese motorcycles may be cheaper! The European Union eliminates tariffs on motorcycles imported from Japan, among other products, so their prices may be lower.

This situation is very different from that which currently exists between Europe and the US of Donald Trump, in the midst of a commercial war.

The European Union and Japan have reached a historic agreement whereby almost all tariffs are eliminated on the products they market. One of the products that benefit is motorcycles manufactured in Japan, that is, motorcycles imported from Japan will be eliminated one of the most important barriers to its distribution in Spain and the rest of Europe.

As expected, this elimination of tariffs can be transferred to the prices of Japanese motorcycles, so soon we could see Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha with cheaper prices, as in their accessories and spare parts.

That is, these reductions could translate into savings of up to € 1,000 in some models. It is necessary to clarify, that it will not be in all the models since there are some that are manufactured in Europe or other countries.

In particular, the 8% tariffs for motorcycles under 250 cc and 6% for those over 250cc are eliminated, while the accessories will cancel their import taxes of 3.7% over the tariff. It is not an immediate elimination and it will still be five years before they progressively go down until they are eliminated.

Good news for all, brands and customers, which also now with this agreement equalize the permitted emission values so that the approvals will be the same for all countries.

And all this comes at a just moment that contrasts with the situation between the EU and the US of Donald Trump, in the midst of a commercial war over the tax hike on imports of aluminum and non-US steel, a measure that is already affecting negatively to European imports of Harley-Davidson and Indian bikes, now with much higher tariffs than before as a retaliatory measure.