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Hillier’s Miraculous Save at Barregarrow (Video)

TT - Oil on Road!

Oil on road after J.Hillier cracks sump,M.Rutter on bike behind - slips a bit.Bottom of Barregarrow corner.235-Kmh / 145-MPH"ISLE OF MAN" TT 2018- So many bikes bottom out there all the time.As soon the Marshals knew it was Oil, the Flags went out.It only took a few seconds after M.Rutter past them till the Flags when't out.D.Harrison saw them.

Posted by TT - Road - Warriors. Lockk9 on Friday, June 8, 2018

James Hillier suffered in this latest edition of the Isle of Man TT one of those scares that road racers never forget. The Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki rider had to leave the Senior TT race in the first lap after being about to suffer a serious accident on the famous curve of Barregarrow, a very rapid left turn at the height of mile 12 that the pilots face at a speed close to 230 km/h.

The number 2 that Hillier has worn in this last TT forced him to come out in second place in the Senior TT, just behind Conor Cummins. Arriving at Barregarrow, Hillier enters a few centimeters outside the good line, an error that will make him jump over with the two wheels of his Kawasaki until falling at the apex of the curve hitting the keel of his motorcycle, breaking the crankcase.

As soon as he lands, Hillier is about to lose control of his motorcycle but miraculously manages to stay on top of it and ends up stopping a hundred meters later after checking that his motorcycle was throwing oil.

If there is a point where an Isle of Man pilot would never want to meet an oil stain, that is Barregarrow. You only have to see the problems that Michael Rutter and David Johnson had to not suffer a fall after passing over the trail of oil that Hillier had left seconds earlier.

Fortunately, the marshals took out the yellow and sliding track flags to warn the rest of the riders coming from behind, and when they had a few quiet minutes they quickly cleared the track so as not to have to stop the race with a red flag.

Here you have a video where the whole sequence is shown: