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Jorge Lorenzo – It Has Been Difficult to Keep the Nerves with Marc

Jorge Lorenzo offered his best version to contain Marc Márquez at the Austrian Grand Prix. The Spaniard proposed a more effective strategy in the last lap and claimed his third win of the season ahead of the Repsol Honda Team rider, with a spectacular duel included. The #99 is already third in the general. The best of Ducati in the points table.

So this is how he analyzed the victory, his important improvement in the championship, before the microphones of Movistar MotoGP:

The balance of the race: “A terrible tension, the heart has endured, but it has been difficult to keep the nerves with Marc because we all know that in the end he always tries and he is great at braking, we both had uneven chances in different parts of the circuit. He was very strong in corner two, both in braking and acceleration, but in the last lap I was able to throw him off a little, he braked the bike a lot thinking that I was just behind him and I would be stopped, but I went outside and I started off with good acceleration, where I tried to pull to the maximum, braking very late and standing the bike a lot, he cut me off and closed in front of me on the last two corners, but I was able to stay on top of the bike and win this special race for me. ”

The strategy of the last laps: “It was improvised because I knew he was going to try it in the second corner, Marc Márquez had passed me twice before and, in fact, he tried it. Marc Marquez has gotten inside and has turned the bike. In the previous two he has hindered and I have not had room to return the overtaking, but I had planned to stay behind and try it in Fourth-fifth gear, because the Ducati accelerates much more, but, then I improvised, I changed the strategy, I put myself first and I pulled during the other half of the circuit to the maximum.

Marc Márquez’s good performance: “Marc has thrown a lot, maybe they had fewer problems with the consumption of gasoline and, with a tire a bit harder than mine, he has thrown a lot at the beginning. to a second or eight tenths, but he has lost a bit of acceleration in the end and I have kept it a bit. In the end, it was a little easier for me, but when I started with seven laps to go, he was behind me and it was impossible to leave him behind”.

Great feeling with the Desmosedici: “From Mugello, the sensations changed, that race was very nice, although I had to keep the front tire very tight, in Montmeló the two tires lasted and I was a bit better than Marc. In Brno I fought for the victory, as here, perhaps the choice of the soft front tire has been key, managing it very well, opening the gas with great finesse, I have been able to keep it alive “.

You are already the best Ducati rider in the overall: “To overtake Dovizioso is very good, we are close to Valentino, who is second, we have gone from being out of the top ten to being third in the championship, but there is still a long way to go. , maybe with rain or strange conditions, and we could lose a lot of points. The important thing is the feeling with the bike and that the race pace, until the end, is good “.

The runner-up, a goal: “Yes, the most feasible is to fight for the second or third position, We are at 71 points away from first, which are many, and Marc is always on the bike risking, as he has done today. It will be very difficult to take points from him. ”