KTM and the First Universal Head Up Display System by NUVIZ

Head Up System

The future of technology in motorcycle helmets is just around the corner. KTM knows this, for that reason the Austrian company will invest 9 million dollars in NUVIZ. NUVIZ is a North American company that counts on the collaboration of former engineers of Nokia and Microsoft. Together, they are about to surprise the world with the first Head Up Display System.

It will be named NUVIZ and will be a technology capable of displaying on the helmet screen, information relevant to the motorcyclist. The technology used is based on HUD. This is a system that has been used for decades in military aviation.

The NUVIZ system will include GPS to display in real time, the position and route of the rider on screen. Among other important data such as the maximum legal speed on the road, traffic news and accidents. Among the ideas for the Head Up Display System is to incorporate a Full HD camera to be able to record the route taken by the motorcyclist.

The controls for handling the NUVIZ can be incorporated into the handlebars of the motorcycle and can be used with gloves. The Universal Head Up Display System is the most anticipated motorcycle technology device of the year.

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer is confident that he will collaborate with NUVIZ on the launch of its new HUD that will transform connection capabilities in the world of motorcycle as we know them now. 

On the other hand, Malte Laass, founder of NUVIZ believes that the investment made in this technology is very important for the company as that will turn them into leaders of HUD technology. Regarding the association with KTM, the CEO of NUVIZ stated:

“We are very pleased to have found a partner with deep knowledge of the industry, and with the experience and patience necessary to build a sustainable technology business”

The development of this technology has been almost 4 years. The start of this project was possible thanks to an initiative in Kickstarter that allowed them to get $ 200,000. Now, with $ 9 million in KTM support, NUVIZ has no excuse to launch a definitive version of its long-awaited HUD.

Watch this video to see how it works: