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Lorenzo Annoyed with Dovizioso – I’m a Little Fed Up with this Situation

Lorenzo Annoyed with Dovizioso

Jorge Lorenzo is upset by the latest statements that his partner Andrea Dovizioso made a few days ago to the newspaper MARCA. In that interview, the Italian pilot once again insisted that the method used by the Spaniard with the Ducati is not the most appropriate to win races, and said he had not changed his mind despite the two victories that #99 was aimed at. Mugello and Barcelona.

“Winning two races does not solve the problem of a year and a half,” said Dovizioso a few days ago to MARCA in reference to Lorenzo. “Whoever wants to see it like that, see it, there’s no problem, but Lorenzo was not signed up to win two races, so I do not change my mind,” said the Italian.

Today, in Brno, Jorge Lorenzo has alluded to these words of his teammate, some statements that have not sat well at the box of the Balearic. “Honestly I am a little fed up with this situation because when I was in difficulties and he got victories, I was there under the podium applauding him”, said Jorge to Movistar MotoGP. “On the other hand, as I told you in Argentina and my statements were very surprised because people did not understand why I said it, as you can see, I was right,” adds the Spaniard, referring to an interview he gave last April in which he assured that Dovizioso has always tried to undermine his morale.

“Mining or underestimating what I do or attacking me directly,” Lorenzo complains. “As you can see, I did not cheat you, he continues to do so and now he says that my method is not good … I think my method has not gone badly in my career, I have won three MotoGP world championships, 46 victories, in my second year in Ducati I am being regularly faster than him, maybe I would have to re-study his method a bit, right? If in his best season he has done second, when everything has gone perfectly he has done second … if he is not fourth or seventh usually”.

In any case, and despite the fact that the crossing of statements seems to say the opposite, Jorge Lorenzo assures that the weather inside the box is good: “Not at all [there is a bad relationship], everyone is on his way. But I would tell him to leave me on my way, to focus on his and everything will be better. Because when you have Lorenzo pissed off it’s usually worse. ”

Leaving aside this controversy with his teammate, Jorge Lorenzo has also analyzed the situation of the championship. With Marc Márquez escaping at the top of the overall – he has a lead of 46 points over Valentino Rossi, #99 believes that “it is evident that Marc has all of them with him, practically only he could lose him making many mistakes and falling, but it is difficult because he has a lot of experience, he has learned from mistakes and it is complicated, but in MotoGP in these years with so much equality everything can happen, we do not focus on the championship, even trying to get the second or third position, if not in trying to be on the podium as many times as we can and try to win some races. ”

Both Assen and Sachsenring have not been very favorable circuits for the Ducati. Now the MotoGP championship arrives in Brno and then travels to Austria, two scenarios in which the Desmosedici can shine for its configuration of engine and chassis: “We have suffered in two difficult circuits for me and the bike, now we have to enjoy a little. .. in theory, the same as we get there and it costs us, theoretically this circuit is good for me, I have won in all three categories, it is a very wide circuit with many chicanes, and acceleration is very important in the curve. enough motor to take advantage of it “.

Will there be new things from Ducati this weekend of Brno? “We might go ahead and try some pieces during the weekend, some new things will be there,” Lorenzo concluded.