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Marc Márquez – 40% of Victories Since He Came to MotoGP

Marc Márquez is defining an era in MotoGP. The Repsol Honda Team rider has been awarded four of the last five titles with legendary numbers. And he is only 25 years old. He is the youngest champion in the history of motorcycling, the Spanish rider with the most crowns in the premier class (3) and the youngest to achieve 100 podiums in the World Motorcycle Championship, with 24 years and 240 days, ahead of Valentino Rossi (25 years and 244 days).

The effectiveness of Marc Márquez, although he has lived through difficult times with his RC213V, has been very high since he landed in Honda. In this period, the Spaniard has done 99 races and has won 40. A success rate of 40.40%. This figure is slightly higher than the overall of his career, 37.28%, but there are also very notable peaks, such as 2014, year in which he claimed ten consecutive victories at the start of the season to finish with a 72.22 % of wins

At the time of analyzing the podiums, the consistency of the Spanish skyrockets. He has risen to the podium in 70,70% of the occasions (70 times in 99 starts with the 1000cc). In other words: go to the cava ceremony in seven out of ten races. And the figures are weighed down by 2015, a very complicated year in which he did not score up to six times. The percentage of podiums in all the trajectory (177 races) descends to 61.58%.

Since 2012, Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo have shared all the titles of the premier class, but Jorge has lower figures. Its accuracy in MotoGP reaches 25.13%, a record that has fallen significantly after more than a year in the dry dock, riding the Ducati. It also highlights that the #99 has finished in the MotoGP honor positions with almost 10% less regularity than his compatriot (61.20%). Legend words that have been overshadowed by a rider who has put the championship upside down for five years.

And Valentino Rossi?

To find figures comparable to those of these two multi-champions riders, it is necessary to refer, of course, to Valentino Rossi. It is true that the Italian has slightly lower numbers than Márquez, but has also played twice as many races as #93, including the change to the four strokes, three different factories and innumerable changes in the technical regulation. The percentage of victories from ‘The Doctor‘ in MotoGP is 28.34% (-12% with respect to Márquez, + 3% on Lorenzo), which amounts to 62.42%.

The numbers of both champions have taken them to the Olympus of history books. Valentino Rossi is the second rider with the most victories (115), only behind Giacomo Agostini (122). Márquez, on the other hand, occupies the sixth position thanks to the 66 times he has crossed the finish line in the first position. Jorge Lorenzo, fifth, has one more than him. And the three will remain in MotoGP until the end of 2020. At least.