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Marc Márquez – Honda Expects Lorenzo to Adapt Faster than Ducati

Honda Expects Lorenzo to Adapt

Marc Márquez: “Honda expects Lorenzo to adapt faster than Ducati, I do not care”. Montmeló.- Marc Márquez decided his future months ago, but the opinion of the youngest-ever champion is one of the most qualified to analyze everything that happens around him, which is not enough: the future of Dani Pedrosa, a key player in the HRC project during the last years, it is still in the air; Jorge Lorenzo will ride next to #93 during the next two years and both will form one of the most successful teams in history.

About the failed press conference of Dani Pedrosa, Cervera (Lleida) joked, before getting serious: “I told him before: What? Do you copy a Griezmann or what will you do? – the soccer player also called a press conference that did not help clarify his future – he has the motivation and desire to continue in MotoGP, but his decision, whenever it is, will be respected, I think he has been a great teammate and, everything, a great rival. ”

Marc praised the work of Dani Pedrosa #26, who imitated in his beginnings as a pilot of the premier class. “In the end, it was the teammate I learned the most from, because when I got to MotoGP the one who piloted the Honda better was him, so I copied him, this is what I tried to do, I think Honda should be grateful to Dani and Dani must be grateful to Honda, they have formed a binomial of many years, they have not achieved the title for X reasons, but they have done very important things in 125cc as well as in 250cc and in MotoGP. There is always a point where it ends, but the most important thing is that they have finished well, “he recalled.

When talking about the arrival of Jorge Lorenzo, the Repsol Honda Team rider was clear: he would understand that Jorge would use his data to accelerate the adaptation to the RC213V because “if you go to another box, first try to copy or guide whoever drives that motorcycle, if does well”.

“Jorge is coming from Ducati and he will have to adapt to the Honda style but, to do so, he will look at my telemetry, Cal Crutchlow’s, Dani’s … And he will try to adapt to that, I am aware that Jorge will be a hard teammate, like the one I’ve had so far, Dani did not go slowly, he won a lot of races and sometimes he trace curves that, seeing the telemetry, I thought I was not capable of doing, with Jorge the same thing will happen to me, but we’ll see it’s still far away, “he detailed.

For the world champion, any controversy about the problems of coexistence between two heavyweights is settled: “Coexistence in a MotoGP box: rule number 1. What is it? Winning your teammate. A healthy rivalry has to exist because it makes the level grow, it always looks a little bit more and there will be things from my telemetry that Jorge will fix. Sometimes, it will be the other way around and I trust my style, We are very different, but I trust My style, for the moment we are ahead, and that’s the important thing. ”

What are the wishes of Honda in this new project with Jorge Lorenzo? “They want a fast rider, a rider who has won races with Yamaha and with Ducati but, above all, who has driven other bikes, that can contribute something to the brand. This is my point of view, I do not know exactly what will be next, it is clear that I wanted a strong teammate, that Dani was and that he did not ban anyone, he wanted me to be a strong teammate. ”

Finally, the HRC gave his opinion on the safety of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya after the remodeling works, while defending motorcycling and launching a message of support for the family of Andreas Pérez, a 14-year-old pilot who died last Monday. After an accident at the FIM CEV Repsol: “The curve [in which Luis Salom had the accident] has greatly increased safety, we always want more security, but now it is enough, it is very correct, a misfortune had to happen to change it, But we never want to go to this extreme, we came to this Grand Prix after a difficult week for motorcycling, we lost a teammate, a 14-year-old rider, it’s always hard but, for sure we want to get here, in motorcycling and In all sports in general, it can happen, there is always a risk, sometimes it happens in football and you wonder how it can happen, but it happens in football and motorcycles, the important thing is to be close to the family and s friends at this time. We will always remember him. ”