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Márquez and Lorenzo’s Absence – To Get on a Motorcycle at 350 km/h you Have to be Convinced

Márquez y la ausencia de Lorenzo
With 185 points in his locker and an advantage of 58 points over Andrea Dovizioso, Marc Márquez knows that he has everything in front to add what would be his sixth MotoGP

With 185 points in his locker and an advantage of 58 points over Andrea Dovizioso, Marc Márquez knows that he has everything in front to add what would be his sixth MotoGP world title in seven years. The one of Cervera begins the defense of the leadership in this second half of the season in a circuit that is not among his favorites, Brno, a track in which he accumulates two victories in the premier class, the last one in 2017.

Both Brno and the Red Bull Ring – next calendar appointment – are circuits in which Ducati has enjoyed much success in recent seasons, so Márquez does not want to get lost. “We know that two circuits are coming where Ducati has normally gone fast, but Yamaha will also go very fast,” says #93. “So the rivals will not only be the Ducati. If we are guided by last year, here we will suffer, but I do not dare to say a forecast because in circuits where we expected to suffer we have attacked and it has gone very well.”

Despite his advantage at the head of the general, Honda’s is not trusted, so he does not like to hear the phrase that the MotoGP championship is ‘done’ when there are still 10 races to decide the name of the champion: “In sport, and on motorcycles, until you cross the finish line, because nothing can be said and even more when there are 10 races left and we only have nine. There are many races in a row. The expression ‘this is done’ I have heard it a lot this summer, but I don’t share it. ”

Marc Márquez recalls that “there is a factor called risk, the mechanical, the human and that is where we have to be 100% focused to get the most out of it and to get hooked as we leave it.”

The work plan for this weekend is similar to what Marc Márquez already followed in Germany, where he was working with the two chassis versions that Honda currently has, the standard and the evolution with carbon fiber reinforcements. “I will leave the same as in Germany: one and one, the best known and the new. We will try to understand it well, the strengths and weaknesses of each motorcycle. At the slightest doubt, as we had in Germany, better one you know than one to know, “adds Marc.

On the absence of his teammate, Jorge Lorenzo, in the next two races, Márquez believes that it is a “very personal” issue. “I have not talked to Jorge, but I wish him to recover soon for his good, and of the team´s. They are personal things. To get on a motorcycle at 350 km/h you have to be confident of yourself, no one has to convince you otherwise, “says the Spanish rider.

Finally, the Cervera has not been able to avoid a couple of questions regarding the rumors that have been heard this summer about the possible premature goodbye of Valentino Rossi: “I do not believe any of the rumors that come through external, and, In the end, the rider is the one who says it. And Valentino said it very clearly: “Monday starts my 2020 season.” Valentino is looking forward to it and if you are able to get on a motorcycle at 350 km/h it is because you have the desire, concentration, and motivation to continue enjoying the sport that you are most passionate about. ”

The Honda rider believes that some media outlets have not been respectful of the Italian, which is why he reaffirms the need to have people around you that allows you to isolate yourself from these kinds of rumors. “The sport has that: you are judged by the present. You do not live from the past or the future. Today, Thursday, I am a leader, but if on Sunday I screw it up, Monday will be spoken differently. You have to know how to respect it, so you have to have a good, armored environment, a hardcore to isolate yourself from external comments and focus on what you really feel and believe, “Márquez concludes.