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What Do the MotoGP Legends Say About Valentino Rossi?

Valentino Rossi

Listing Valentino Rossi’s achievements in motorcycling is a bit complicated. Summarize what has supposed (and supposes) a figure of its caliber for the sport, even more. But some MotoGP Legends have tried it on the official website of the championship and the message is common: it is admirable that ‘The Doctor’ seeks new challenges after 22 years of sports and motivation is key to continue.

At a particular level, what did those pilots who treasured 25 world titles among them think about ‘Vale’?

Giacomo Agostini: “I think he likes motorcycles, he likes to compete, he likes the environment and it’s hard to stop, I cried for three days when I decided to retire, he’s still good and fast if he is, why not continue?”.

Wayne Rainey: “It’s amazing what he does, he always has a smile on his face, he never lets himself sink because of the bad times, and that’s very important in MotoGP, I think he’s comfortable because he’s surrounded by a good team and the way he trains at home, he has many projects around him that keep him interested in the sport and he also enjoys it, which is something important”.

Kenny Roberts, Sr .: “You cannot compare Valentino Rossi to anyone, there’s no one like him, there are a lot of pilots who do their thing, but there’s only one Valentino Rossi, I do not know why he’s still competing, it’s in his blood. in perspective what he likes to do and is able to get it for that, I take my hat off. ”

Casey Stoner: “We all know that, if Valentino Rossi is still working, he will be faster and faster again, I do not think there is an age limit in MotoGP, although everyone reminds him constantly how old he is. If you do not suffer complicated injuries, your body does not respond badly and you enjoy it, why are you going to stop? There is no reason to do it. It is clear that he has the motivation. ”

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Kevin Schwantz: “He has found a way to motivate himself, the MotoGP calendar is complicated and it’s amazing to me how he finds the motivation to prepare for the season, when you get home and want to relax, take time off, he’s a great worker. run two more years, I’m sure it will be competitive. ”

Kenny Roberts, Jr .: “When I sit on the sofa and I see him, I think it’s easy, but no, seeing him is amazing, I do not think anyone wants him to stop competing.”