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Marc Márquez Writes On “TALENT”

Marc Marquez Writes On TALENT

They say that talent is something innate, you either have it or not; and that you can not work it. Marc Márquez disagrees. And he tells you.

It has been on the official MotoGP website, in which we have seen the new facet of Marc Márquez as a columnist. He may respond to the criticism (which he knows and accepts) about his poor exposure to journalists’ questions during the preseason; or the fact that it has bothered him for years: that people believe that he wins easily; that everything comes from the innate talent he has. The text, which we will analyze paragraph by paragraph, is as follows:

“They say that talent is something innate, that you either have it or not, that talent is something that you cannot work with, I disagree, it’s true that you cannot choose to have talent for something, but instead you can work to the fullest to make your skills as profitable as possible in your career, in my case, I have always been on a motorcycle and something that I was good at, I have achieved a work and effort that is profitable for me. Some will say that it has been easy, but in no case, it has been easy, it never is. “

Here is the first message we referred to: never easy. Marc is right; and it does very well insisting on the message because there is still an immense majority that does not value what it costs to win in MotoGP. It is curious that this argument is the same as we find in its most important rivals. Valentino Rossi says (and proves) that he continues to work like a dog to be one hundred percent; while Jorge Lorenzo has always emphasized what his father Chicho said about his work is more important than even his own talent. Marc endorses it:

“One may have a talent for something, but if one does not work, that talent is likely to be of little use to you.” This is something that I experienced in my own flesh in 2011 with the sight injury. At some point, I came to think that maybe I could not do what I like most and that is my passion, to ride and compete on top of a MotoGP motorcycle, luckily, that obstacle of 2011 I got through with a lot of effort and work. “

In this case, Marc “open” himself to use one of the hardest moments of his life: what happened to his sight after a crash when he still was in Moto2. Without a doubt, Márquez has experienced hard moments in MotoGP (and his break with Rossi will never be a pleasant thing for him) but health is what really marks your life; and that was a very hard time to pass. Not as much as the shoulder …

“So far I have won 7 world championships, 5 in MotoGP ™, a question of talent, partly yes, but a very important part is the work, the effort and the dedication throughout the year, this winter has been a new example of this: I have been and still recovering from the shoulder injury, of which I had to operate yes or yes, the result has been long weeks, even months of recovery that allow me to arrive in good condition at the beginning of the championship, Although not yet 100%, nothing of motorcycles, nothing to ride for two months, only gym and physio, and then little by little and different exercises to improve in all aspects Once again, talent without effort doesn´t allow you to get the goal. “

This is filling in its pure state; and contradicts himself with his statements to Motorsport, in the Qatar test: “I found myself much better than in Malaysia and now I can say that I reach almost 100%.” Marc has become a bull and his rivals know it. What happens is that Losail is a historically complicated track for the Spaniard; who dismissed himself in his article with a paragraph that is redundant from all the previous:

“So I would recommend to those who believe that they have a special talent, never stop working. In the world of sports there are talented athletes who did not reach their goals because they did not understand that without constant work there is no prize. The talent is to save a crash, control a slow braking, overtake in the last corner, but it is also work, struggle and dedication to reach and achieve the goal. “