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Albi Tebaldi, Head of Rossi MotorRanch VR46 – We Are Confident The Court Will Give Us The Reason

MotorRanch VR46

The MotorRanch VR46 that Valentino Rossi created in Tavullia is immersed in a legal process following the complaint imposed by three neighbors of this training center dedicated to off-road. The flat track is the main protagonist of the facilities and the interposed complaints focus on the amount of dust and noise generated by the bikes that use ‘The Doctor’, the members of his academy and the guests who come to train together with them.

The Italian Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale has the case in their hands and Alberto ‘Albi’ Tebaldi, one of the people in charge of the circuit, is positive when speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport: “We trust that the Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale will give us the reason. Otherwise, we will appeal. ”

The use of the circuit is allowed from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. and we could use it every day but, considering the races and the maintenance, we use it around four days a month.” The technical construction process was complex, but we comply with all the requests and we pass all kinds of controls, before the training we review all the bikes and two sound level meters detect the noise limits, “says Tebaldi, right hand of ‘Vale’ in the management of all activities related to the brand VR46 .

The federation and ARPAM – an environmental agency in the area – carry out their own controls to grant homologation to the track, according to the teammate of the nine times world champion.

Tebaldi also emphasizes that the malaise is not widespread: “Around the MotorRanch VR46, there are about fifteen houses, but only three, which are also not the closest, complain of an almost persecutory attitude.”

MotorRanch VR46 – More life to the facilities

According to the information provided by the journalist Paolo Ianeri, the desire of VR46 is to expand the usefulness of this Ranch. Lights have been installed to facilitate winter training and they also want to incorporate a small museum. They also consider the installation of a stand so that the public can enjoy the training, something that at this time is only possible from a road several hundred meters.

On December 16 will be held ‘La 100 km dei Campioni’, an endurance race held annually at the MotorRanch VR46 with the VR46 Riders Academy and numerous guests. This event, whose previous edition was canceled due to the storm that affected the area last January, is not televised. Rossi himself and his brother, Luca Marini, are the current champions.

Here you can see a video of the last disputed edition of ‘La 100 km dei Campioni’ in MotorRanch VR46