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Scott Redding Achieves His Goal – HEAD DOWN🔥 2018 History Was Made

Scott redding head down

Since Scott Redding knows his future is out of MotoGP, the British rider has changed his approach to every race weekend. The pressure that he felt before to try to get the best possible result with his Aprilia RS-GP has disappeared, and now he just wants to enjoy to the maximum what will be his last season in MotoGP, a place that Scott Redding arrived in 2014.

For this reason, the 25-year-old rider proposed a challenge for this last Grand Prix of Germany: to touch the helmet on the asphalt in full lean, something he achieved during the warm-up on the Sunday before the race.

“I got it, I’ve been planning it for a while,” Redding explained to after finishing 15th at Sachsenring. “I already did it in Valencia, but it was only a small touch, it was with a soft tire on a small bike, so I cheated, so I thought: I have to do it before I leave the paddock this year.”

“I’ve been trying to do it all weekend, and it was like, come on, man, I told the photographer ‘get on that curve because it’s going to happen’, I went in, I leaned over and thought ‘where the hell is it?’ And then ‘ krcccchh ‘There it is, I nailed it! Mission accomplished this morning, “the Quedgeley pilot joked.

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During the Sachsenring race, Scott Redding encountered a problem in his RS-GP that he already suffered during the Grand Prix of the Americas. The excessive heat from the exhaust of his Aprilia burned part of his ankle, an inconvenience that did not stop the Briton in his race: “The same thing happened to me in Texas, but with that long straight it’s normal, I did not expect it to happen here After eight laps I could feel it burning and I was thinking ‘Okay, whatever it is, I do not care’.

Scott Redding already knows that Aprilia does not have him by 2019. The news did not sit well with the British at the time, especially when he learned through social networks that Andrea Iannone would take his seat next season. Now, however, he has applied a new philosophy: enjoy as never before the last appointment in Valencia.

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“I’m having fun, I really enjoy coming to the races, I’m more attached to the team because I’m more relaxed now, and they’ve also relaxed more, I can be myself, and I have found more motivation riding because I enjoy more. In Mugello I did not want to, “says Scott.

“Do not get me wrong, we keep working, because we come here to do a job, I just try to improve without the stress of ‘I want this’ or ‘I want that’ Fuck, let it be, it does not matter. The bike is going well, the tires just drop.

A and so it will be for me the rest of the season, “explains the Briton, who now runs” without pressure “. “If I am the first or the last one, it does not matter. If I finish the last one in each session, what will they do? If they want to dismiss me, well, I will not be here next year but it is not my case, now I do it for myself, for pleasure, I have two girls on the grid, that’s the style, the old school, that’s how it should be, everybody laughs in the hospitality, now it’s more pleasant to be here. ”

“On the other hand, I’m nearing the end of my MotoGP stint, I’ve been here ten years, so if this is the last one, I have to enjoy it, and that’s what I’m doing,” says Redding.