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Suter Will not Attend the TT 2017 with its MMX500

Suter MMX500

The beastly Suter MMX500 two stroke will not roar this year down the Isle of Man Mountain road race. The Swiss manufacturer has just released a statement announcing its absence in the TT 2017 due to the lack of qualified personnel on entry of new Projects at its headquarters in Turbenthal, bad news for the two strokes lovers, who hoped to see Ian Lougher another year by plowing the roads of the Isle of Man under the controls of the MMX500.

Skil Suter, owner of the company, regretted this absence, “especially after how much we have improved the MMX500 this past year in terms of driving, and knowing that we have a huge community of followers. It was hard to make this decision” .

Fortunately, Suter’s farewell is not final. The Swiss company plans to return to TT in 2018, confident that Ian Lougher, whose contribution to the development of the MMX500 has been “very important”, is available to return to the Mountain track.

However, the 10-time winner of the TT was responsible for debuting the MMX500 195 hp and 127 kg in the Isle of Man TT 2016, taking the 34th place in the Senior TT after having to retire from the Superbike race for An electronic problem.

Discarding the TT for this year, Suter will focus on his two great challenges for 2017: to achieve better results in the Moto2 World Championship by taking advantage of its greater presence on the grid, and prepare its assault on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, where the Swiss factory has been marked as Aim to break the current record on a motorcycle, set in 7 minutes and 49 seconds by Helmut Dähne in 1993 at the controls of a Honda RC30, a record that the MMX500 will go down smoothly taking into account that in 2012 a British rider scored a 7:10 in BTG (Brige to Gantry) at the controls of a 2005 Yamaha R1.

At the moment, Suter is still looking for sponsors for the Nürburgring event, with an estimated budget of 200,000 euros.