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The TT Isle of Man Record – Dean Harrison! (Video)

TT Isle of Man Record Dean Harrison

The first race of the TT 2018, the RST Superbike, left us with a historic lap at the hands of Dean Harrison. The Kawasaki rider set the absolute lap record to Mountain Course with a time of 16 minutes, 50 seconds and 384 thousandths, ie, he circulated an average of 134,432 mph (216.34 km / h) over the 60 kilometers of TT tour of the Isle of Man. And the best of all is that he did it in his first round, starting from a standstill!

Only three riders in TT history have been able to drive here below the 17-minute race. The first was Michael Dunlop, in the Senior TT of the year 2016, with a vueltón to 133.393 mph, recórd that had remained unbeaten until the return of Harrison last Saturday.

The third driver that forms this select club Sub17 is none other than Peter Hickman, who just two days ago won his first race on the Isle of Man finishing the Superstock test with a return to 1344.403 mph on average, staying three tenths off the record Harrison’s absolute on his BMW.

To better understand what it means to go at an average speed of 216 km/h on a county road, it is best to see this video with some of the best moments of the Dean Harrison vueltón. See how he squeezes the 200-hp Kawasaki ZX-10R even in the middle of the curve, with the bike twisting from side to side as Harrison keeps it under control with his eyes fixed on the exit, a maneuver that most would not dare perform or in a closed speed circuit:

And another short video with a fragment of Harrison’s return from his onboard camera: