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Valentino Rossi – With the official Honda, Lorenzo will be a Problem for Everyone

Valentino Rossi gave an interview to Movistar MotoGP in which he calmly analyzed everything that moves in the paddock. From working in his box to solve the problems with the M1 to the negotiations of Dani Pedrosa to compete in Yamaha for the next two years. He stands on the second place in the general classification, 27 points behind Marc Márquez, and maintains a positive mentality regarding the technical difficulties he has been living for months: “I laugh for not crying”.

These were some of the topics discussed by the #46, Valentino Rossi during his conversation with Ernest Riveras:

The tenth title: “It’s normal for people to ask for it because it’s a beautiful, important number.” It’s difficult, but these three consecutive podiums have given us motivation, it was an important moment because we are not super-fast, I think at the beginning of the year last, and especially two years ago, we were faster, but it’s nice to be there when it’s necessary to work, I hope it’s a motivation for Yamaha, it’s not like I’ve been a year without winning, they have not done it either. a very worrying fact. ”

They were left behind: “I think Honda and Ducati, during the second part of last year, took a big step with the electronics, that’s why Yamaha was like that, we’ll need time.”

Yamaha’s problems: “I laugh because I do not cry … From my point of view, the problems with the bike are very clear, and it is also clear what we must do to improve, but with Yamaha it is difficult. We need time, we do not react so fast, it’s not easy. ”

Johann Zarco, less solid than at the beginning of the season: “We have improved, but it is also a question of clues. Zarco, last year, was not very fast in Mugello or in Barcelona, I believe that, in the next races, he will be strong again. Last year, the problem was that our bike was not suitable and Zarco had 2016 bike, which was better. Unfortunately, we lost the whole season. ”

The signing of Jorge Lorenzo for Honda: “I think Lorenzo, with the official Honda, will be a problem for everyone, also for Marquez, because he is a very fast rider, a hard rider, and a dangerous teammate.”

The possible arrival of Dani Pedrosa at the Iwata factory: “Yamaha, during the last years, has always had fast riders. Besides Maverick and me, there was Zarco. It is important that Pedrosa is there because he has been with Honda for over ten years and his experience can be an advantage to improve the Yamaha […] Are you sure he wants one like ours? At the moment it is not the best. Perhaps, one of the previous years would be better. I’ll tell Dani to think about it [laughs]. […] It’s one thing that does not bother me. I’m happy if he comes because he’s a strong rider and he can tell us some things, but it does not change anything for me. ”