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Viñales is not Comfortable with the New Chassis – It Does not Work as Well as to Valentino

Maverick Viñales believes that the new evolution of the chassis of the Yamaha 2017 does not adapt well to his style of riding. The rider of Roses, who faces the race of Sachsenring in second place of the general four points behind leader Andrea Dovizioso, regretted the little time they will have from tomorrow to test the four compounds that Michelin has prepared for the German GP In view of the bad weather will condition the first free on Friday.

“There are many things to try and very little time,” said the #25 speaking for Movistar microphones. Maverick says he is “disappointed” by his error in Assen but has turned the page and only thinks about getting the best possible result at Sachsenring: “After Assen I was very disappointed with my mistake, but looking well at the race and the times we know we were very competitive, making  zero points when you are trying to fight to go for the first group, to go for the wining, it is acceptable. ”

Maverick is aware that his crash at Assen “it is a mistake we will carry all year, but we know that I am one of the strongest riders and that we can win races, so I’m happy for that and motivated.” And he is consoling himself with the experience gained in water during the Dutch Grand Prix: “We understood a little the way in water and also the riding. I came from two seasons in which it cost me a lot on water, I lost a lot of confidence, so I will have to get ii back little by little.

In Assen, both Valentino and Maverick introduced in the race an evolution of the 2017 chassis with which they both started the season. The Italian won the race and acknowledged to be happy with this new chassis, not so Viñales, who despite intoning the ‘mea culpa’ in the crash, thinks that with the old chassis perhaps would not have gone to the ground. “It does not work as well as for [Valentino] because I have a totally different style, but in the race I was there,” explains Viñales. “I’ve been doing the fastest pace, doing fast laps so the chassis really works, the style you have you have to adapt.”

Comparing Assen’s bike with the one he’s been riding since the start of the season, Viñales believes the old bike “was a bit more rigid and allowed me to be more aggressive, a bit my style, but it’s true that this bike has A lot of potential and we’ll see if we can get it all out. ” In any case, it does not seem that in Sachsenring I am going to try it again: “Surely not,” answered the possibility of mounting it tomorrow.

Speaking of the championship and the fierce battle for the title with four riders separated by a maximum of 11 points, Yamaha says that “this year is very difficult to be constant because in each race we have different tires, different types, and You have to try a lot of things. That sometimes makes you not able to concentrate on your riding style, on the paths, on trying to improve, you have to be very focused on other things. In any case our bike is pretty good, with all the tires working well, so let’s see if we get the tires right here and we can concentrate on the race. ”

Do you know why you went to the ground in Assen? “I analyzed it and it seems that he changed direction too fast for the Yamaha, with too much power,” he replies. “I have to try to do less, I was being aggressive, I wanted to close the distance [with the ones in front] because everything was going very fast, and I was going full throttle. I had never fell into a chicane, especially coming out. It’s something that has happened and we have to learn from it. ”

Although Viñales does not stop repeating the “potential” that has the new evolution of the chassis, the Spaniard is clear that Yamaha must introduce many changes to be comfortable with his riding style: “The bike we had in Assen had a lot of potential, but maybe it was not the best for my riding style. I usually be quite aggressive and with the chassis I took the first part of the season, that chassis gave me a lot of confidence to be aggressive, in the changes of direction it was very stable, and then I could open the gas quickly. I felt comfortable, but with the new bike there are many aspects that we can improve. ”