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The most important News about the Road Races Championship.

The most anticipated Road Race of the season, TT Isle of Man will be held between May 26 and June 8 ... For fans, the TT is also a unique destination.

The island 22 km wide by 52 km long located on the Irish Sea is a mythical place where you can watch the races without leaving the hotel, or sitting at the door of the pub with a beer in your hand.

Let's not forget either that in the middle of the TT the so-called Mad Sunday is celebrated.

The "crazy Sunday" allows attendees to take a full turn on their motorcycle to the TT circuit itself, with the road open in one direction and without speed limits!

Currently, the Isle of Man TT hosts various categories during fourteen days of competition: Senior TT, Superbikes TT, Superstock TT, Supersport TT, Lightweight TT, Sidecar TT and TT Zero (electric bikes).

The tests last two weeks: six days of free practice and qualification, five days of practice and four days of competition. In the TT, unlike circuit races launched from the starting grid, the pilots leave in pairs at intervals of one minute.

But racing at speeds exceeding 300 km/h between walls, curbs, and guardrails is anachronistic and dangerous.

The average speeds exceed 212 km / h. In many sections of the circuit, points of 300 km / h are exceeded. The loopholes are zero, and as in any road, the circuit is surrounded by slopes, cliffs, buildings, rocks, curbs, trees, and fences.

From the distance vibrate another year of this exciting race that breathes tradition, risk and speed in every inch of its dangerous asphalt.

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