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Best Motorcycle Full Face Helmets – Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Motorcycle Full Face Helmets

Do you need expert advice before buying the Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets for you and your companion? Well, if so, stay and give a good review from top to bottom to our comparison of full-face motorcycle helmets, because apart from analyzing the best helmet models, we have included specific sections with recommendations for the best full-face motorcycle helmets for custom, for women, cheap full-face helmets, etc.

We started, as always, showing you motorbike helmets of different brands and prices, so that you can get an idea of what is going on in the market before moving on to pure and simple analysis.

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Table of contents

  1. Guide to Buy the Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets
  2. Comparison of Best Motorcycle Ful-Face Helmets
  3. The Best Full-Face Helmets for 2018
  4. The Best Brands of Motorcycle Helmets
  5. Best Motorcycle Full-Face Racing Helmets
  6. Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets with Solar Viewer
  7. The Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets with Integrated Bluetooth
  8. Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets for Women
  9. Motorcycle Full-Face Vintage Helmets
  10. Full-Face or Modular/Flip-up Helmets?
  11. Buying Cheap Full-Face Helmets
  12. BestSelling Comprehensive Helmets for 2018

Guide to Buy the Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets

Even if after arriving here you still do not have clear what are the Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets in the market in reference to the other types of motorcycle helmets that you have seen, we started clarifying that by full face we refer to the type of helmets that are totally closed with fixed screen and chinrest, and not collapsible.

Within the full face helmets, we find different types: racing helmets, motocross helmets, vintage full face helmets, etc.

Well, starting from this base, then we summarize the key points that you will need for analyzing before buying your very best motorcycle full-face helmet:


It is assumed that a helmet of a recognized brand has the appropriate approvals, so it is an indispensable safety identification, it should be kept in mind.

Upper part.

The materials of the casing determine its degree of hardness, and also its weight. The vast majority are usually made of fiberglass, while the high-end ones are usually made of 100% carbon.


In connection with the material of the casing and the other components of the helmet, we have its weight, a fundamental aspect, especially for sports and road helmets.


Both the size and the design, as the fact of having anti-fog treatments (pin lock), anti-scratch or anti-water drops, determines the ability of vision of the motorcyclist, one of the most important aspects for their safety.


It affects all integral helmets in general, and especially, sports helmets or track. These must-have a design and elements that strengthen their stability and prevent the helmet from generating annoying forces on the biker’s neck.


It is another of the key factors that determine the comfort of a helmet, especially in long lines. It is important that the helmet has channels that allow air circulation from the front or top to the back.


The aerodynamics and the quality of the construction of the helmet, are essential in noise management, but this is an aspect that you will only be able to really measure on the motorbike, so you should look at all that has been said and pay attention to the massive opinions of the users in one or the other direction.

Comparison of Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets

Would you like to know at a glance what are some of the best motorcycle full-face helmets for 2018? Through our comparative table of integral helmets, you will know some of the most important details that you have to know about this type of helmets for bikers.

Thanks to the comparison of motorcycle full-face helmets you will know which are the best motorcycle full-face helmets for 2018 so that you can quickly make the decision of which full-face helmet to buy.

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The Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets of 2018

Have you reached our page determined to look for yours among the list of best motorcycle helmets of 2018?

The best motorcycle full-face helmet does not necessarily have to be, in our opinion, a model of the current year. For that reason, the helmets that we have selected below are full-face helmets with great acceptance among the bikers and very settled in the market, with characteristics that convince us. They are among the best motorcycle helmets of 2018, but they will also be next year and the next…

It would have been very easy for us to look only at the most expensive helmet models of each brand, but we thought it would be better to focus on the medium price helmets, the most demanded among the best.

AGV GP R Carbon Rossi Soleluna 2016 Helmet

It is a high-performance track helmet tested for GP, with excellent aerodynamics supported by a side and rear biplane spoiler that provides incredible stability at high speeds.

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It is noted that this helmet has been designed taking into account the high competition tests since it is not only its revolutionary aerodynamics that fascinates us but also its metal ventilation system and its exclusive mechanism of “hydration” for the practice of a sporty riding.

The shell of this helmet is made entirely of carbon fiber and has an interior in which it is pleasant to put the head, due to the quality of the materials and the absence of visible seams.

It is light (1400 gr.), Although among those that follow there are helmets that surpass this one in a handful of grams in this aspect.

Nolan X-Lite X 802RR Stoner Replica

Here is another helmet designed for use on the track or for racing motorcycle racing, tested and guaranteed by the many years of experience of the brand at the highest level of the competition.

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This helmet has an extremely light shell made of 100% carbon and stands out for the phenomenal visibility of its screen, which is also treated to avoid scratches. This has a locking system to prevent accidental opening and can be set in a minimum opening position ideal for journeys at moderate speeds in summer when a little extra oxygen is appreciated in the helmet.

The ventilation of this helmet is designed to absorb air from the front, and let it out through the rear through internal ducts. Of course, it incorporates pin-lock, in addition to a double-lock buckle, an interior with an excellent quilting without seams.

Shark Race-R Pro Zarco Replica

In the line of the previous best helmets, both the lightness and the extreme visibility of the screen of this full-face motorcycle helmet, are the characteristics that most attract attention in a first review.

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Being designed to ride at high speeds in clearly this types of sporty riding, it is equipped with its corresponding aerodynamic deflectors, in this case, double, on the top and rear, which guarantee the stability of the helmet.

Two other fundamental points that stand out in this high-level full-face helmet (with a fairly good price, everything is said) are the highest score obtained in security audits and its magnificent system of air circulation and ventilation.

We also like its design: sporty, but without shrillness. You know, one the Zarco’s replica best full face motorcycle helmets

The Best Brands of Motorcycle Helmets

The best motorcycle helmet market is very broad; as much, as the network of brands that build conventional helmets and helmets for specific uses.

Next, we will make a brief review of the leading brands and their most emblematic helmets of their respective catalogs:

Buying Shoei Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets

The Shoei helmet brand does not require a presentation. Anyone who likes motorcycling in particular, or motorcycles in general, has the logo of this house engraved on their retina associated with a concept of prestige.

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And it is not for less, since Shoei manufactures full-face helmets for great motorcycle champions in their respective modalities, starting with the great Marc Márquez.

Specifically, the X-Series is at the head of any catalog of first-class full-face helmets, highlighting the Shoei X-Fourteen or X-14 by the incorporation of the most advanced aerodynamic systems, improved ventilation, screens capable of filtering 99% of UV rays, and by moving in very high rates of safety and comfort. Ultimately, the two elements that must weigh more when choosing a helmet.

We can say without hesitation that Shoei only builds high-level helmets and that buying a full face motorcycle helmet from the Shoei brand is to bet on the best.

Buying Arai Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets

If the Shoei were the chosen ones of Márquez, the Arai helmets have been, are and will be equally on the heads of great figures as much of in the motorcycling, as in the motorsport. Dani Pedrosa or Sebastian Vettel are just two of the standard-bearers of this legendary brand of first-class helmets.

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We are not going to deny that helmets like the Arai RX-7V are possibly the best helmet we have had the chance to try on our heads, a true wonder in every way. But the range of full-face Arai helmets is wide, and being all high-end helmets, there is where to choose even as far as the price is concerned.

Buying AGV Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets

Although they also manufacture modular and jet, the Italian AGV is the specialist in the manufacture of modular motorcycle helmets, and Valentino Rossi has its maximum support, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists around the world who can testify to the quality of their products.

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The helmet’s replicas of the mythical and immortal #46 as the AGV GP R are the most sophisticated helmets and also the most expensive in the catalog, but as in the three previous cases, AGV reach everywhere with helmets in all the modalities, and with price ranges, as you have seen, also quite broad, such as Corsa, K-5, Veloce, AX-8, etc.

Undoubtedly, although in each model there are different specifications, we can buy AGV helmets with almost closed eyes if what we are looking for is the maximum guarantee.

Best Motorcycle Full-Face Racing Helmets

In fact, these are the full-face helmets that we have been focusing on so far, because they are the most sophisticated of each of the brands destined for sporting use, as for anyone who is riding a sports bike and wants to indulge in wearing them.

The Best Motorcycle full-face helmets, for obvious reasons, further strengthen the aerodynamics of the shell, being generally less bulky and tighter in the interior (although not less comfortable), and incorporating deflectors that prevent the rider from counteracting the Air-force in high-speed.

All that involves making a sports helmet, involves reinforcing elements such as safety, lightness, ventilation, etc. Of all this, taken to its highest levels, we have already cited some of the best examples of each brand, among which are all replicas of GP motorcycle helmets, but we still have many to show you:

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Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets with Solar Viewer

In many cases, wearing the best motorcycle full-face helmets with sunglasses can be uncomfortable, due to the narrow margin that usually exists between the eyes of the biker and the screen, as well as the complexity of putting on and taking off the helmet when wearing sunglasses, and vice versa. You know what I’m talking about.

For those cases, it is best to opt for a full-face helmet model with sun visor, which is nothing else than a second mini smoked and mobile screen that fulfills the functions of sunglasses, and that is used only in excessive bright conditions.

Do not confuse helmets with visors, and those Full-face helmets with the solar viewer. The first one, especially oriented for off-road riding with trail and adventure motorbikes, provide shade when the sun is at the top, but do not filter the direct sunlight when it directly hits the motorist’s face.

The solar visor is an almost an essential complement to the majority of full-face helmets of a certain level, although, for obvious reasons, they are not advisable for sports helmets such as racing helmets. Exceptionally, some like the Arai QV Pro Black incorporate a removable and removable solar visor on the screen of the helmet, and not behind it.

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The Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets with Integrated Bluetooth

The same, if we want to use our full-face helmets with intercoms, something very advisable to use while riding in motorcycles, the fact that they have the “pre-installation” of the integrated Bluetooth antennas, is a clear advantage over those that do not. They have it since this saves us having to incorporate salient elements in our helmet.

The only thing is that helmets with Bluetooth are usually designed to incorporate if desired, their own communication system made exclusively by the brand itself, which as a rule are usually more expensive than intercoms for helmets with universal Bluetooth.

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Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets for Women

We are not at all supporters of the idea that Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets for Women must necessarily be identified by a color such as pink, or have a design more in keeping with female aesthetics, precisely because any biker woman may have a taste for any color and any design they want. The really important thing about full-face helmets for women is that the size is in accordance.

But if we stick to purchasing statistics, we realize that a significant percentage of women demand helmets with different colors and designs, so we have allowed ourselves the license to select some:

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Motorcycle Full-Face Vintage Helmets

Although a large majority of users of custom, retro, cafe racer or vintage motorbikes, opt for the use of jet helmets, there are also full-face custom helmets with an aesthetic consistent with this type of motorcycle. They have the advantage that they are safer and cover the chin completely and safely, although when prevailing aesthetics over other factors, this type of helmets do not usually have an excessive refinement in sections such as aerodynamics.

In this segment, we can find the Best Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets for Harley like the Bell Solid or the Gringo Biltwell, up to the very demanded Vespa vintage helmets. Here are some interesting models:

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Full-Face or Modular/Flip-up Helmets?

If you are doubting which are the best 2018 motorcycle helmets between each model or brand, you should be clear about the differences between full-face and modular helmets that we summarize below:

  • Modular helmets allow lifting the chinrest occasionally, always at low speeds, thus becoming jet helmets. That forces this type of helmets to have a double homologation. Full-face helmets only require one homologation.
  • On hot days, having the possibility of lifting the chinrest is an exclusive advantage of modular helmets, especially on city trips, when standing in traffic lights, etc.
  • By having an extra element, modular helmets are more susceptible to generate vibrations or extra noises, compared to a conventional full-face helmet.
  • In case of impact, the structure of the full-face helmets is assumed to be more consistent and safer than that of a modular helmet.
  • On average, modular helmets are usually more expensive than full-face helmets, for the simple fact of having an extra mechanism.
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Buying Cheap Full-Face Helmets

Being an indispensable element in riding a motorcycle that concerns not only safety but also comfort, we do not think it is convenient to go out and buy cheap full-face helmets for the mere fact of costing less money.

Anyone who has the ability to buy a motorcycle and maintain it in the best conditions must always consider having a helmet that is the best possible.

However, in a market as large as this, we can find many full-face helmets at a good price with very interesting features in terms of design, comfort, safety, etc. It is very difficult to find full-face helmets models for 50 euros that meet all these criteria and desires.

BestSelling Comprehensive Helmets for 2018

If you still do not know what are the best motorcycle helmets of 2017, and also you are thinking on buying a full-face motorcycle helmet, we will give you a hand and present you with the list of best-selling helmets of 2018, through Amazon.

These are the best selling motorcycle helmets in 2018:

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